9 Easy-breezy Dupatta Draping Styles On Anarkali Dress You Need To Know

Some people love suits, some people like Indian lehengas, but everyone likes an Anarkali dress as it is a blend of both cultures at the same time. These dresses can be from every family, from being a light-weight dresses for an ordinary day to being cumbersome suits for a wedding function. However, the one thing that can add to the charm of the suit is the way in which you drape the dupatta on the dress. Here are some of the ways that you can try out.

How To Style The Dupatta On An Anarkali Dress?

A Side Fall

An Anarkali dress is full of varieties, including ones that can be worn just on a day out and ones that can be your party ensemble. If you are heading to a party as a guest, then this can be a simple way to put on and flaunt your Anarkali and a dupatta. Many designer dupattas are purposed in such a way that you can wear it, show it and enjoy it. It is ideally suitable for dresses having plain kurtas and patterned dupattas. And a lightweight dupatta is the cherry on top of the cake.

A Fall On The Right And A Knot On The Wrist Of The Left

Have you chosen an Anarkali dress for your engagement big day? Then you must take care of how you wear your dupatta, such that the dress, the dupatta and the aura complement one another. Here is one of the best ideas for wearing your engagement attire like a pro.

Drop a dupatta in a falling pattern on the right shoulder.

Take the edge hanging behind your shoulder.

Create a crossover on the back side and knot the bite on your left wrist.

This crossover justifies the pattern of your suit and also helps you in showing off the dupatta. Create a picturesque look with the Anarkali dress.

A Pleat On The Right And Fall On The Left

One of the popular Anarkali dress patterns is a semi-designer format in which the kurta is designed from the bottom and is plain on the torso. These are generally seen over velvet dresses where the fabric outshines more and gives a premium look. Add more to this look with the following dupatta draping style.

Pleat the dupatta neatly on the right shoulder.

Tuck the dupatta on the left side but without any pleats.

This subtle idea looks prominently beautiful on semi patterned Anarkali dress.

Hanging On The Hands

If you have worn a fully embellished heavy Anarkali dress, then this dupatta wearing style is just the match for it. In this, you can just stay free and carry your dress while your dupatta is not even a slight disturbance to you. Wondering why? This is because you do not have to hang it and take it on your shoulders. Instead, you can simply fold it and turn it on your hands, landing from the back side. On this, you must knot your hair in a beautiful bun, wear heavy dangler earrings, and get showered in compliments in a beautiful suit style.

Draped Like Wings On The Back Side

This dupatta draping style on the Anarkali dress is becoming a trendsetter for its justified way of flaunting the suit and the dupatta at the same time. It is also becoming ideal for the sangeet nights where the stylish draping idea enhances the look of the suit and makes her comfortable at the same time.

Tucked On The Head And Falling Through The Right

This is the Walima look that any Muslim woman would love to carry. Muslim brides have their own bridal statement of wearing a Paasa and a dress that gives a brightening Arabic look. If you are planning on the same, then here is what you need to do. Tuck the dupatta from the centre on the head. Later, let it hang through one side of the shoulder while the other side hangs behind. On this, you can wear a Paasa and open your hair to drop down curls. This is how you will get the gracefulness of an Arabic bride in no time.

Pleated On One Side

Are you looking for a subtle, comfortable, yet a glamorous appearance wearing an Anarkali dress? Then go effortlessly flawless by tucking the dupatta on one side of the shoulder. You can even fold the two edges of the dupatta so that it does not fall and stick tightly to the person.

Crossover Dupatta Style

This dupatta style is set to make you look stunning and comfortable. For this, one you have to follow the given steps.

Tuck a small corner of the dupatta on one side.

Crossover the dupatta from the back side to bring it to the front.

Take the edge of the front side and overlap it on the pinned end.

Thus, the dupatta will be draped diagonally on you.

The Popular Veere Di Wedding Look

Kareena Kapoor’s bridal look from the Veere Di Wedding has all hearts. Her fashionable way of wearing the dupatta is something worth trying. So, if you picture yourself as a bride in an Anarkali dress, then you can definitely try the dupatta draping idea like her. For this, create a low bun from your tresses. Tuck the dupatta on that bun and let it fall beautifully on the backside. This can be the perfect justification for arraying your dupatta and the dress.

These are among the handiest ideas of how you can drape dupattas on the Anarkali dress to give an accentuating look. You can even find out some of the fantastic designs of these dresses right online at cbazzar where there is a wide range to choose from. Explore a next-door collection and out-of-the-box bridal couture right at the one-stop-shop of cbazaar. Also, do look for fantastic dupatta styles that can complement your dress more. You do not need anything more when you know how to carry yourself in every possible way. These are the ways for it. Do try them!

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