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Craps is an exciting dice game that can be found in almost every online game club nowadays. Exciting gameplay and simple rules are the main features of it. The Craps table has always gathered the most active players who want to try their luck and have fun. This game allows you, like jetx, to test your intuition and get a win if it is good. Today the game is available to anyone in the online version, so be sure to take the time to get find out the information about how to play.

The origin of the game

The first mention of this dice game was found on the territory of Ancient Egypt. Then, instead of modern dice, animal bones were used.

In Europe, the game became popular after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Dice were used not only for entertainment but also fortune-telling, so the church repeatedly forbade throwing dice. But all attempts to ban were unsuccessful. More modern version of Craps comes from the English game Hazard, which was created by William of Tire for the knights. They played dice during the siege of Hazard in the 1125 year.

The rules of the game, which are still used today, were created by John Wynn. He became the first dealer in Craps.

Concept and rules of the game

Craps can also be known as “7-11” game. You can find out the Craps rules that are easy to understand. This is a game where a couple of dice are rolled and the players try to predict the outcome. This is a dynamic process in which large sums of money can be lost if you are not lucky in a few minutes. Just like winning and significantly increasing your bankroll. You should know, that it is more likely to do this than when playing roulette, for example. Many users don’t trust Craps and claim that the game brings in very large casino incomes, although, in fact, the advantage of the gambling house is relatively low.

Craps implies a drop-down roll of the dice, a point, and a start scene. Throws are performed by players in turn. They are called shooters. As a rule, 20 people can participate and place bets at the same time. Their main goal is to predict the future result and guess the combination that has fallen. Each participant can make up to ten bets. Their features are similar to roulette, where you can guess a specific number, color, odd, or even number. The outcome of the game ends in victory or loss. According to the probability theory, the player’s chance to win is 1 to 2, which is quite profitable compared to other games of chance. A clear knowledge of the rules and the use of strategies can increase the chances to get a good result.

You should understand that the Craps game has the complexity and simplicity of the rules at the same time. The difficulty is in the multi-level game and the variety of bets. If you are just starting to play, it is better to bet on individual numbers. After observing the game and understanding the rules in practice, you can move on to more complex and profitable bets.

The basic rules and course of the game in Craps are the next:

1. First roll

The game starts from this step. At the beginning of the round, participants need to determine the result – “Pass” (number 11 or 7) or “Not Pass” (that can be 12, 3, or 2). The round will end if the dice give a “Natural” result of 11, 7, or a Craps value of 12, 3, 2. A “Natural” roll of 11 or 7 gives the winning to the player and he can throw the dice again. If the user has the result of the roll of 12, 3, and 2, he loses and passes the right to roll the dice to the next player.

2. Point throw

If after the first roll the sum of the dice is 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4, the result is a “Point” followed by the next stage. The dealer uses the puck on the number that fell out and monitors the further outcome.

3. The last result

If the shooter has a “Point”, the bets don’t change in the next round. If the roll brings 7, the new player becomes the shooter. The dice are transferred to the participant, which is placed on the left side. Throws will be carried out until seven falls out. This result ends the round.

4. Determining winners

Some beginners think that only the one who rolls the dice has a chance to win. In fact, all bets at the gaming table are taken into account.

Game table

The Craps table doesn’t always have classic sizes, it may differ in different casinos. The table has a rectangular shape, high sides, and is covered with green fabric. All betting lines are located along the gaming area. In large casinos, the game is accompanied by four people. This is a boxer who manages the chips, a dealer who sits opposite and announces the result or takes bets. On opposite sides, there are two dealers who are busy with the game process – accepting bets, making payments, etc.

Dice are carefully checked before the game, and later they can be changed to new ones. You need to throw them with one hand so that they hit the side on the opposite side of the table. All bets are made with special chips in the marked fields. The player can do it himself or delegate it to the dealer.

Types of bets in dice

Before starting the game, you need to determine for yourself and remember the layout of the game table. This is the basis of the game, without which it will not be possible to make full and competent bets, and this, in turn, will reduce the likelihood of a big win.

Pass Line – Don’t Pass Line

If the Pass Line bet comes up in the form of natural 7 or 11 numbers, your bet wins. If the result of the roll is 12, 2, or 3, the player loses. Such a case is called Craps. If the chips were placed on the Don’t Pass Line, then to win, you need to roll the number 12 or 3. Dice with the numbers 7 and 11, in this case, mean the loss. 2 in such a game is considered a draw. All other values ​​(10, 9, 8, 6, 4, 5) will mean a continuation of the round.

Come – Don’t Come


This variety is similar to the previous bets. You can win when you roll 11 or 7 with Come. The numbers 12, 3, or 2 on the dice mean you lose. Other results mean Come Point. If the amount drops to seven, the participant wins. If the result of the roll is 7, the bet loses. Don’t Come wins on 2 and 3, and loses on 7 or 11. All other results set the Point.



An affordable and uncomplicated betting variation in Craps, which sits between the Don’t Pass and Come Bet lines. The bet will play if any of the numbers fall out – 12, 11, 10, 9, 4, 3, and 2. The loss will mean only 8, 7, 6, and 5.

Winning bets


This is one of the fastest bets, located in the center of the gaming table. Participants can bet on 10, 9, 8, 6, 4, or 5 until the result is 7. These bets are available at any time during the dice game. The victory will be in the event of a total falling out of less than seven.

Also, this type involves betting on numbers in order to lose. The bottom line is that the player bets on a specific number and his task is to get a seven before the hidden number comes up. For example, a player bets on 3. This means that in order for him to win, seven must fall out before three.

Hardway Bets


This type of bet involves winning with 4, 10, 8, or 6 until a 7 or a double falls out. This name was given to bets because of the difficult formation. The symmetrical numbers ​​5-5, 4-4, 3-3, or 2-2 should not fall out on the gaming table. Until they fall out, the round will continue. The win will be only when symmetrical numbers ​​fall out.

For example, the player’s bet is 8. He will lose even if the dice rolled 3 and 5. If he wants to win, he needs dice with the numbers 4-4.


This version is located in the upper right corner of the gaming table. The result is determined immediately after the throw – the participant either wins or loses. To win, the dice must fall in a certain order. You can bet on 12, 11, 3, or 2. If the stated amount is on the dice, the player wins, any other numbers ​​mean the loss.

The main advantage of playing Craps is the slight advantage of the casino compared to other games of chance. For each type of bet, you can calculate your own indicator depending on the odds.

Types of bets

Payout Ratio

Benefit size

Don’t Pass Line or Pass Line

1 to 1

1.36% and 1.41% respectively

Do not come or come

1 to 1

1.36% and 1.41% respectively

Number bets

10 and 4 – 9 to 5

9 and 5 – 7 to 5

8 and 6 – 7 to 6





12 – 3 to 1

2 – 2 to 1

in all other cases – 1 to 1


Hardway Bets US version

6 and 8 – 9 to 1

4 and 10 – 7 to 1


Hardway Bets Australian version

6 and 8 – 19 to 2

4 and 10 – 15 to 2



7 to 1



Game strategies

There are no specific tactics and action schemes that are guaranteed to provide victory since Craps is a game of chance. But the use of strategies allows you to save your bankroll and protect yourself from rash decisions.

Priority for secure bets

If you have a large amount and you just came to have a good time at the gaming table, you should know, that this strategy is not good and you can lose your whole bankroll. It is better to make balanced decisions and control the bankroll. To do this, it is recommended to make safe bets. The winnings can be not so huge, but they will help minimize your risks:

Pass Line – the basic bet that will win if you roll 7 or 11. The house edge is 1.41%.
Don’t Pass Line is completely opposite to the previous Pass Line. It also doesn’t belong to risky bets; the house edge will be 1.36%.


Such bets are the most popular. If Pass Line wins, Don’t Pass Line players lose. This separates the participants at the gaming table and creates such dynamics as if they are playing against each other.

Use extra bets

Additional bets can be placed on top of the main ones. They can increase the first bet by 2.3, 5, or more times. If you combine them with Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line, you can reduce the advantage of the casino. For example, with an additional Pass Line, the player bets that the Point will fall out before the seven. The size of the win, in this case, will be 2:1 with a roll of 10 and 4. With a roll of 9 and 5, the prize fund will increase to 3:1, and with an eight on the dice, you can go up to 6:5.

The side bet on Don’t Pass Line is the opposite of the regular bet. Here the player bets that 7 will fall out before Point.

Know when to stop the game

If you play for a long time, the casino will take your money anyway. Any series of successes will end in defeat – this is an obvious theory of probability. Resist the gambling temptation and take big wins if you’re lucky.

Strategy 6/8

This is a progressive game tactic, that is popular among experienced players. It is characterized by a relatively small advantage of the gambling house. The users prefer 6/8 strategy, since such numbers are the second after 7 according to the theory of probability of falling out. To do this, you need to bet a small fixed amount on 8 and 6. If one of these bets wins, it is repeated. If you lose, you need to make the same bet, but increase its size. Some increase it by a fixed amount each time, while others simply double it. You need to do this until the bet wins.

Therefore, to implement this strategy, you need to make sure that the money that you want to use in the game is enough to practice this variant.


Set Money Limits for Craps

Each player must have a clearly defined playing pool. This is money that doesn’t affect personal or other expenses. At the same time, it is important to make decisions right and balanced way in the game, to be able to stop in time. It always seems that the next round will definitely bring good luck and a large amount of money. But you don’t have to be so emotional. Remember that Craps is entertainment that gives positive emotions regardless of the result.

Use all pros

Each gaming club is trying to attract customers. Competition is growing every day among online casinos and game clubs can attract players with the bonus policy. Almost every site offers deposit and no-deposit bonuses. Most of them require wagering, so be sure to read the bonus terms and conditions before playing Craps.

More practice

Even though Craps is a game of chance, experience and knowledge can help you keep your bankroll and increase the number of rounds in the game. They increase the chances of winning big. Regardless of whether you are planning to visit an online or offline casino, try to test the demo versions that are available on the Web. This practice will help you understand how the game works, which bets you need to focus on, and which ones are better to avoid.

Craps is a dynamic game that gives you the opportunity to win a large amount of money. However, it is also easy to lose your bankroll. It is important to understand how the gameplay works, and what strategies are best to apply. Only knowledge of the rules and the concept of the game will help you enjoy the gameplay and increase your bankroll.

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