CUET Language test Preparation Strategy

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzzing and humming about the common university entrance test (CUET), which the National talent agency conducts (NTA), which is a standardized entrance exam to get admission to all central universities across the country and over 100 plus universities from all over India. And by looking at the buzz of the exam and competitiveness, it is well known that cracking this entrance will be very difficult. For that, the students are mentally prepared and make a proper plan and schedule according to the syllabus and strictly should follow the schedule. Let us discuss some strategies to get it easier for the candidates to clear the entrance.

Preparation strategy for CUET

It is a unified all-India exam to give students a standardized platform to get admission to their preferred university. So after seeing the competition and the importance of the exam, candidates should go through the following steps to face the entrance exam.

Step 1

The first step is to thoroughly look at the syllabus of CUET and carefully go

through all the chapters and concepts.

Step 2

After understanding the syllabus and question pattern of the test, divide the full chapters into topics and fix the time in which they should finish the topics and chapters. And should make a routine according to the plan and always follow that routine.

Step 3

To know what questions will come and what to expect, you must collect all the

material and preparation books and start reading. Students should also look for

the previous year questions and mock tests to know what exactly to expect in the exam.

Step 4

You should have a daily measure of how many topics you should cover and check your progress at night.

Step 5

Practice is an important factor In any exam, so to crack any tough entrance exam like CUET, you should practice a lot, and for that, you should give a mock test and solve the sample question and previous year questions.

Preparation for Language Test of CUET

In the English section of the CUET exam, there are 50 questions from which every student can attempt 40 of them. All questions will be based on vocabulary, choosing the right word, Antonyms and synonyms, verbal ability, Rearranging parts and comprehension reading.

  1. For preparing reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is the process of interpreting and understanding what you read. So, to prepare the section, you must work on reading and understanding the passage. You can find the answer accurately and quickly if you carefully read the keywords of the asked question. Though you dont find the direct answer from the given passage, if you think carefully, you can find the answer.

  1. Verbal ability preparation

For any entrance exam, the most important and crucial section in India is verbal ability. You must have good speaking and reading skills for the test. You should start reading as soon as possible and at least read 15 to 20 pages a day from any type of language book or novel, which will help you increase your language skill and reading speed. Also, while reading this, you can find new words and search for the meaning in the dictionary. Also, search for the words antonyms and synonymous the word, which will help you develop your vocabulary.

  1. Rearranging the parts

It is also a crucial part of the test as it will show the common language skill and thinking skills of the student. You have to understand the sentences and examine the sentence carefully.

  1. Preparing Correct words

The patient is the key in this section; you have to read the passage carefully with the patient and take your time to do this section. Also, do exceed much time. It would be best if you tried every question and should not answer any question. It would be best if you did not rush in this section under time pressure.  There are no shortcuts to cracking the tough entrance exam; like CUET, students should work hard and practice as much as possible to get good marks in all the parts of the CUET entrance paper, especially for the language parts. To increase your comprehension, reading skills, and vocabulary, it is recommended to read the editorial section of the newspapers.

Also, you should have knowledge of world news. You should have developed a smart strategy to cover all the aspects and can dedicatedly study. Maintaining the routine and continuously gaining knowledge will help you to crack the entrance, and you could get admission to your desired university.

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