How is Tech Changing Online Casino Websites?

Technology changes everything. First fire, then the wheel, and then the internet: all made their mark on society and can’t be reversed. But today, technology advances almost silently and very quickly, with little steps forward that have effects that aren’t immediately apparent. The invention of the internet was obviously a big step for casinos. Now you can play where you want, how you want, with games that come to you on a tiny screen in your phone or on a bigger screen on your laptop, no travelling or partying required. But what about since then? Are there any big advancements in technology that have had an effect on the online casino world?

There are actually lots to mention. Take a look at our picks for our favourite advancements in tech and how they affect the online casino industry.

Crypto payments

In the early days of crypto, which you could argue we’re still in, not a lot of industries have really adopted the concept. The new currency is still not something you can pop into your local supermarket to buy a pint of milk with. And even with lockdown forcing everyone from tech giants to fruit vendors to accept contactless (i.e., digital) payment methods, cryptocurrency was still not high on their priorities.

That is, aside from the online gambling industry. The diametric crossover of demographics, people who are interested in tech and money, naturally attracted a lot of crypto fans to online gambling venues – and casinos were happy to oblige.

So, nowadays, there is an additional option when it comes to making your bonus deposit: crypto. Typically, this is boiled down to Bitcoin as yet, but it’s likely to expand in the future.

Crypto payments mean your deposit going through is near-instantaneous, but so is getting paid your winnings. Without the 3-5 working days that banks require, you’ll be paid that day.

New slot game styles

Maybe the best part about shifting slot machines from the physical space to online spheres is the variation on gameplay. The three-reel slot is dull and almost impossible to win from when you only have the one payline available to you, but video slots have opened up a world of paylines, wild symbols, free spins, and bonus mini games.

And a lot of these extra features are designed to help you out. A wild symbol will replace any icon that might make up a payline, if you have all but one icon the same, for instance. This gives you more wins. Combine that with a scatter symbol that typically offers free spins, and you can click once and sit back and watch the winnings come in.

There are also multipliers and progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots will see you climb a jackpot amount by spinning usually. Keep spinning through icons for the biggest payout.

But nowadays, you’ll see slots become very innovative. A few developers are trying out a new format that sees a wheel spin rather than a set of reels. If the icon in the middle, sometimes an arrow, other times an Egyptian god or something similar, lands on an icon, you’ll be paid the value of that icon. Bigger slices mean a bigger chance of winning but smaller values. Browse the best online casinos India has on the internet to find a slot machine like this one.

Live streamed dealers

Live streaming has done a lot for the world. It has built entire entertainment industries in gaming, content creation, nowadays retail with streaming shopping, and, of course, online gambling.

Did you ever imagine a world where you didn’t need to leave your house to get the casino-gaming experience? That’s what live streaming offers. Don’t get up off the sofa, don’t catch a flight to Vegas, simply open your laptop or mobile phone and look for a live streamed dealer.

With live streaming table games, you can have a few rounds of blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. from the comfort of your home but still with a friendly dealer playing with you. They’re straight from the casino so you can enjoy the gorgeous environment and quiet ambience of the real-world casino, not to mention the company of the dealer, all streamed straight to your device.

Making bingo multiplayer

Bingo has always been a community game, even if it can get hotly competitive. You’re not filling bingo halls with bingo fans, but with friends in a community that happen to like bingo, and with online bingo games you might think that that community element is lost.

Not so, anymore. With advancements in technology, online bingo rooms come with chat rooms where people can gab while the game is going on, bringing the community element back to the game.

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