The top five best air conditioners in India from the leading brands

Air conditioners have become an indispensable part of the lives of Indians, and most of them generally prefer split ACs over others. There are great brands that offer the best air conditioners in India. They are able to keep the home interiors cool, even if the outside temperature is over 52 degrees Celsius. 

The top best air conditioners in India from leading brands:

Here are the top best air conditioners in India for home use from the leading brands. These air conditioners offer the best cooling performance at an affordable cost. They also consume minimal energy and offer optimal cooling with less maintenance.

  1. LG:

LG is one of India’s leading air conditioner brands and is famous for its split system air conditioners. The 1.5-ton split AC from LG comes with an inverter compressor that adjusts the cooling on the basis of the heat load. It cools small to medium-sized rooms and comes with copper ocean-black protection to protect the appliance from rust and corrosion. 

  1. Voltas:

Voltas is a leading brand offering the best air conditioners in India. It offers cost-effective appliances for homes in different tonnages. The Voltas ACs have extreme energy efficiency and optimal cooling of the interiors even at 50 degrees outside temperature. The Voltas split air conditioners come with an anti-dust filter, anti-bacterial filter, anti-fungal cleanser, etc. 

  1. Carrier AC:

Carrier is an American brand that has been selling high-quality split-system air conditioners. The best feature of its air conditioners is that they come with the NexGen Dehumidifier, which mitigates air humidity in less than ten minutes. Carrier offers the best air conditioner in India, and its units have dust filters, anti-bacterial protection, etc., to remove invisible dust particles. 

  1. Hitachi 1.5 Ton Split AC:

Hitachi offers the best air conditioners in India with an exceptional addition of copper condenser coils. Thus, these air conditioners offer a superior cooling experience with minimal maintenance. Its inverter compressors help to adjust the heat load, making it a perfect appliance for hot days.

  1. Samsung:

Samsung is one of India’s largest home appliance brands that offers the best-split system air conditioners with ample features such as copper condensers, anti-bacterial filters, self-diagnosis features, digital inverters, etc. 

Split system air conditioning?

The split system air conditioners comprise two components: indoor and outdoor. The indoor unit that will be inside the room will absorb the heat, while the outdoor unit in the air conditioner will pump cold air into the indoor unit. Insulation tubes connect both these units through a small hole in the wall. 

Choosing the right size of the split air conditioner is important to improve the performance and to keep the costs low. Before buying split air conditioners, it is important to consider certain factors, such as the size of the room, insulation, and orientation.


What is the cost of installing a split air conditioner?

Professionals should install split AC conditioners to properly handle the gas refrigerant, electrical wiring, and plumbing. On average, the installation cost is between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000. 

Benefits of using a split system air conditioner:

Split ACs offer the best climate control for homes. They are a perfect alternative for window and portable air conditioners. They are also easy to install and maintain. Some of the leading brands offer the best air conditioners in India, and installing these units at home has the following advantages. 

  • Split system air conditioners consume minimal electricity and thus incur minimal installation fees.
  • They are easy to install, and the installation process is also quick and convenient for the service agent. 
  • They render exceptional comfort and are great for optimal climate control all through the year.
  • Split system air conditioners operate extremely quiet, and will not disturb sleep during bedtime.
  • We can expect fast cooling of the room with split ACs. Their ambient design blends easily with the home decor. 
  • Some of the modern split ACs come with ample features, such as
    • sensors to detect movement,
    • optimal energy efficiency,
    • voice support to connect with Google Assistant and Alexa,
    • smartphone controls, etc. 
Bottom Line:

The best air conditioners in India are of the split type and come with optimal filters to remove fibres, dust particles, animal hairs, and allergens. They are an ideal addition to any home and are capable of escalating the comfort quotient to many levels. 

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