How Turning Off Glance in MI Could Disconnect you From your Favorite Artists and Performers

Are you a fan of music artists or performers? Do you follow their every move on social media and wait eagerly for their next concert or album release? Well, if you own a MI phone and have been turning off Glance, you might be missing out on an amazing opportunity to interact with your favorite celebrities and artists live on your lock screen!

What Is Glance, You May Ask? 

It is a smart lock screen available on many mobile brands, including MI phones, that makes your screen smarter and allows you to receive personalized content on your lock screen, such as news, weather, and entertainment. However, it’s the entertainment aspect that we’re going to focus on here.

Through the Glance smart lock screen, you can interact with a variety of cricketers, musicians, and other celebrities who have appeared live on the platform. You can ask them questions, take part in polls and quizzes, and even win prizes. Imagine having the chance to ask your favorite musician or cricketer about their creative process or to vote on which song they should play next in their concert!

Why Turning Off Glance in MI Is Not a Good Idea?

In this age of technology, staying connected with your favorite artists and performers is easier than ever before. Thanks to the Glance smart lock screen on MI phones, fans can now interact with their favorite celebrities in ways they never could before. But with all the distractions and notifications that come with smartphones, it’s easy to overlook the value of Glance and miss out on some fantastic opportunities.

By turning off Glance, you could be denying yourself a world of exclusive content, including insights into your favorite artist’s working processes. You could also be missing out on the chance to win prizes and merchandise that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

But Glance isn’t just about winning prizes or getting exclusive access; it’s about staying engaged with the entertainment industry and maintaining a connection to the things you love. By customizing the content you receive and setting limits on how often you receive it, you can stay connected without becoming overwhelmed.

So, if you’re a fan of music artists or performers, and you use Glance smart lock screen, don’t miss out on the opportunity to interact with your favorite celebrities and artists live on your lock screen. Turn on Glance, and stay connected with the entertainment world in a way that’s easy, fun, and rewarding. 

Connect With Your Favourite Artists and Performers

One of the most popular events on Glance is live concerts featuring famous Indian music artists. Fans are able to watch the concert live on their lock screen and interact with the artist by asking questions and voting on which songs they want to hear. The artist even gives away concert tickets and autographed gifts to lucky participants.

Another event that is a huge hit on Glance’s smart lock screen is a live Q&A session with a popular cricketer. Fans can ask a cricketer questions about his/her career and personal life and receive personalized answers. The cricketers even give away signed cricket balls to some lucky fans. You can get the latest IPL updates at Glance and watch IPL 2023 live after Glance has partnered with JIO cinema to stream IPL 2023.

Glance features numerous celebs from Bollywood and other industries alike. Have you watched how Karan Johar talked candidly on a recent live show at Glance? Or how Hritik Roshan answered questions LIVE? Singing MAAR SUTEYA by Gajendra Verma on Glance was certainly a treat to watch for singing lovers. You can visit the Glance Youtube channel to watch all the past live shows with singers and celebrities. It’s not only your favourite stars who are being asked questions, though. So, keep your questions ready while connecting with your favorite stars. 


Glance has created an avenue for users to connect with their favorite celebrities and creators in a unique way. The Glance smart lock screen offers a rare opportunity to interact with celebrities, ask them questions, and even win exciting prizes. With Glance’s commitment to providing personalized and engaging content on the lock screen, users can enjoy live performances, behind-the-scenes access, and exclusive interviews that are not available anywhere else. Other than this, Glance offers its users Hyper live experiences and allows them to interact, write comments, ask questions,  and participate in the polls and quizzes in live shows.

The opportunities for interaction and engagement on Glance are truly endless. Imagine being able to ask your favorite actor about their upcoming movie or to vote on which outfit they should wear to a red carpet event. Or perhaps you’re a sports fan and would love to interact with your favorite athlete in real-time, asking them about their training regimen or what they eat before a big game. Imagine asking Virat Kohli what he does a day before a big match. Doesn’t that sound astonishing as a cricket fan? Well! It is. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and activate your Glance smart lock screen today. 

How to Turn on How to Turn Off Glance in MI

To sum it up, this Guide for Glance on MI offers an unparalleled opportunity for phone users to stay connected to their favorite celebrities and performers through personalized content on their lock screen. With Glance, you can enjoy exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, interact with your favorite celebs, and participate in fun quizzes and polls to win exciting prizes. Turning off Glance could mean missing out on all of these incredible experiences and opportunities for engagement, so it’s essential to keep it on and stay connected to the entertainment world. Whether you’re a music lover, a sports enthusiast, or a pop culture fanatic, Glance has something for everyone, making it a must-have smart lock screen for any MI phone user.

It is very easy to enable or disable the Glance smart lock screen from your MI phone. However, If you are sure, then we will help you remove Glance on your Mi phone with the following steps:

  • Settings
  • Lock screen 
  • Glance for Mi 
  • Turn OFF

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