4 Tips for Choosing the Best Wholesale Hemp Cannabinoids

According to recent business projections, the CBD sales market may hit $11 billion over the next five years. If you’re looking to get into the cannabis business, this is the time. However, high-quality products are at a premium, so access to quality wholesale products is essential. One up chocolate bar

Do you know how to choose hemp cannabinoids that will boost your products and give your customers the benefits they seek?

We’ve created this guide to offer you four tips for choosing the right wholesale distillates for your business. Read on to learn what really matters when selling THC- and CBD-based products.

  1. Aim for Compliance

If you’re selling cannabis products, your customers will want to know precisely what they’re getting. Did you know that each product must include a minimum threshold of THC to remain legally compliant in America? With that said, the balance is tricky, as you can only market a product as “hemp” if it contains 0.3% THC or less.

When you buy wholesale CBD distillate, you’ll want to know its precise THC percentage to avoid legal troubles. If your product includes even a trace amount of THC over the 0.3% threshold, you must market it as marijuana. Thus, you must ensure your hemp distillate comes from a high-quality, honest supplier.

  1. Pass the Savings to Your Customers

Nothing makes a product more attractive to customers than a lower price point, including products in the cannabis industry. Hemp products are appealing because the lower THC threshold makes them more affordable to produce than marijuana products. When you buy hemp cannabinoids in bulk, you can save even more money with wholesale discounts from suppliers. 

When your products are cheaper to produce, you can pass the savings on to your customers and still make a profit. Ensure you choose a hemp cannabinoid supplier offering the highest quality distillate at the best price.

  1. Don’t Sleep on CBD Content

Cannabis and hemp both contain CBD and THC. Cannabis tends to have more CBD, while hemp naturally contains more THC. A customer searching for hemp products is likely interested in the medicinal properties, making a higher CBD product more appealing. 

Thus, when you buy CBD distillate for your products, be aware of the complete cannabinoid profile. Look for a product with between 85-90% CBD. The higher the percentage, the more likely customers will be to choose your product over others. 

A high CBD content, regardless of THC content, means you can market products as sleep aids and as a holistic treatment for chronic pain.

  1. Pay Attention to the Form

Wholesale hemp cannabinoids may come in different forms, and the texture of each state varies. That can change the experience of your finished product.

A pale, crystalline product wholesale distillate is ideal for most hemp products.  

Choose the Right Hemp Cannabinoids

Ultimately, when choosing hemp cannabinoids for your business, think of the customer experience first. What active ingredients do they expect to see in their favorite hemp and CBD products? The right distillate can ensure you offer your customers an affordable, effective product.

No matter what you’re selling, the success of your business comes down to knowledge. Browse the other posts on the blog for more tips on running a successful venture. 

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