5 Best Types of PNB Housing Loans You Can Sign up For

Do you want to invest in real estate? Or have you been saving to buy, build or renovate your house? You need a huge amount, and savings may not be enough.

You can take a PNB Housing home loan to finance your home purchase. Based on PNB Housing finance reviews, it’s among the most credible home loan lenders. You’ll get a home loan with lower interest rates, reducing your overall financial burden.

Besides low-interest rates, PNB Housing loans come with flexible repayment terms. You can choose how to repay the loan, which minimizes repayment pressure.

You don’t have a high income to get a home loan. Getting a PNB Housing loan with a maximum repayment period makes the loan affordable. You’ll pay smaller EMIs, and that lowers your monthly budget strain. Read on to learn about the various types of loans that home buyers can consider.

Types of PNB Housing Loans You Can Consider

A Loan for Home Construction

Home construction designs differ. You may have a unique house design you want to implement. That means you build your home from scratch instead of buying a ready-built house.

You only need to be an Indian national aged 21 years and above to get the loan. However, you shouldn’t be older than 70 by the time your loan matures. Other conditions you should meet to get a loan include a good credit score and three years of experience in your job.

You can Get a PNB Housing loan with a CIBIL score of 611. But a lower CIBIL score attracts higher interest rates. When you apply for a PNB Housing loan with a higher CIBIL score, you get a loan at the lowest interest rates.

Home Purchase Loan

You will find property investors selling new houses. However, you can also buy a pre-owned home if it meets your needs.

You qualify for a PNB Housing home loan to buy your dream home, whether you’re self-employed or a salaried individual. However, you should have a monthly income of INR15000 and above to qualify for the loan.

A Loan for Home Improvement

When you purchase a pre-owned house, you might want to improve it before moving in.

Let’s say you bought the house, and the remaining cash isn’t enough to renovate your new house. You would consider getting a home improvement loan when in such a situation.

Does your home require a false ceiling and woodwork fixing? PNB Housing home improvement loan gives you a chance to repair and upgrade your house.

You can also use the funds for plumbing and electrical work.

Plot Loan

You can buy a plot and build a home in any location of your dreams. But getting a good plot near some towns can be expensive. Getting a plot loan makes it easy for you to settle anywhere. Investing in a residential plot helps you to accumulate wealth. Ensure you check your CIBIL score before you apply for a plot loan. You’re supposed to have a credit score of 750 and above for your plot loan to be approved.

Age is another important factor determining whether you qualify for a plot loan. You should be 21+ years old for your loan to be processed. But you should not be older than 70 years when your loan matures.

Home Extension Loan

If you need a bigger space in your house, you may consider doing some extensions.

A home extension can be expensive, depending on the work you seek to do. But the good thing is you can access a home extension loan to complete the expansion work.

You only need a credit score of not less than 611 and 3 years of work experience if you’re a salaried person to get a home extension loan.


PNB Housing extends various home loans you can use to actualize your dreams of owning a home. You can get the finances to buy a plot, expand your home or buy a new one. The financial institution also gives loans to construct a new house from scratch. Ensure your credit score is impressive to get a PNB Housing loan at lower interest rates.

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