5 Tips to Cover Geography Syllabus For UPSC

Intro – In the UPSC exam, Geography is one subject with significant weightage. Apart from a scoring perspective, every aspirant should crisp and precise knowledge about world and country-level Geography. Undoubtedly, Geography is a high-scoring subject that has a fixed syllabus. Due to this reason, a large number of aspirants opt for geography. If you are a science background student, you won’t regret choosing Geography as an optional subject. No matter whether you are covering UPSC Syllabus in Hindi or in English, this article will help you understand the important topics of geography, the steps to cover, and instructions to be kept in mind at the time preparing for the Geography Subject.

Tips to Cover UPSC Geography Syllabus

Questions in the Geography Paper are asked in mostly three stages of the exam. The geography Geography Syllabus For UPSC is fixed. Unlike current affairs and other important subjects, there is no change yearly to be kept in mind. Just a fixed set of mandatory topics. Here are 5 tips for covering the UPSC Geography syllabus for the Prelims and Mains exam.

No Comparison of NCERT – There is no comparison of NCERT books while preparing for Geography. Textbooks from 5th to 9th create the foundation for the particular subject’s syllabus. Sometimes questions in the Geographyexam of UPSC come straight to NCERT books. This makes those books more important. Apart from this, NCERT books have official figures, and mentioning them in your answer can make your answer more presentable.

Self NotesChoose books with good reviews and no authenticity issues for note creation. Self-created notes help at the time of revision. It takes very less time to cover the notes of the entire syllabus. Mostly, facts and figures are in the geography subject notes, it is advised that revise 10 to 20 times those facts-based notes.

Previous Year Question Paper – covered the syllabus and created the notes. Now it’s time to do an evaluation of the preparation done yet. As mentioned earlier, Geography has a fixed set of syllabus every year, so there will be no change in the question paper. Solving 10 years of UPSC Geography Question Paper will give you a clear understanding of question patterns and you can find common questions asked in recent years.

Mock Tests  Mock tests will help you do a quick evaluation. You can attempt mock tests online or offline. Several EdTech platforms offer this for UPSC exam preparation. 

Current Affairs – Choose famous newspapers such as The Hindu and monthly magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, etc., for current affairs points. Keep eyes on recent events. 

Important Topics of UPSC Geography Syllabus

We have mentioned some most essential topics to cover in the geography subject. As you know, this subject covers the geography of the World, India, and the state level. Sonote down the below-mentioned topics.

1. Geography of India – Geo Location, latitude & longitude,  time zone,  Our neighboring countries, Important straits, Indian states and their coordinates on the map, and States sharing international borders.
2. Physical Features of India – Rivers, mountains, oceans, dessert, islands, plateaus, etc.
3. Climate of India
4. Industry and Minerals
5. Agriculture
6. Economic Infrastruct and recent Census.
7. World Geography
8. Biogeography, Oceanography, Climatology, Human Geography, etc.

These topics are vital, and any UPSC aspirants should not miss any of these to get the desired score in IAS Exam.


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