Best Alternative Ways of Apoquel for Dog Allergies

Being a pet parent brings a lot of responsibility. Knowing what is suitable for your furry friend and taking care of their health is a priority. For instance, if your fur baby has been suffering from skin allergies, you know that Apoquel is a good choice for relief.

However, this medication might cause some other distress to your baby. In such cases, you might have wondered, is there an alternative to apoquel for dogs? The answer is yes. This article delves deep into exploring the best alternatives for dogs. Read ahead to find out more.Opt for quality with dog training by Allbreeds. Our experienced trainers provide personalized attention, fostering a strong bond and ensuring effective training for a well-behaved and happy dog.

What Is Apoquel and Its Uses?

It is a dog medicine mainly used to treat itching in dogs because of allergies. When your canine friend suffers from a skin allergy, it generally means chewing and scratching, causing redness all over the body. After registering the medicine, the drug shows fast results, and the itching usually subsides within a day.

Apoquel, however, might cause other health troubles to your pet as mild side effects. These include gastrointestinal discomfort, increased risk of urinary infections, or general lethargy and dullness. That is why most pet parents are keen on looking for alternative options to Apoquel.

Five Best Alternative Ways to Apoquel for Dogs

If you are a concerned dog parent who wants to know, is there an alternative to apoquel for dogs? Here are the five best options to consider:

1. Medications Like CBD

CBD is an excellent alternative to Apoquel for dogs. It focuses on the allergic cause and stops it effectively with minimal side effects. These medications contain the essential oils of medicinal herbs, which improve immunity instead of impairing it.

2. Dietary Changes

Diet is a key factor when talking about overall canine health. Look for possible food sensitivities or intolerance to particular items in your dog’s diet. That could be the reason for their itching and allergies. Checking the ingredients label on the dog food and eliminating any potential allergen is the first step to take while making healthy dietary changes.

3. Eliminating the Possibility of Environmental Allergens

Environmental allergens are no lesser a nuisance. Every animal has a different body sensitivity. Your canine friend may be allergic to something in the air or the surface where they spend most of the time. Look deeper into this possibility and find a proper fix to the problem.

4. Eliminating the Possibility of Parasitic Infections

Dermatitis in dogs could also owe to parasitic infections. So, maintaining proper hygiene is a crucial step. Some possibilities in this category are flea allergies and diseases caused by mites and staph bacteria. These infections can be diagnosed using a blood exam.

5. Taking Special Care of Hygiene

One cannot overstate this point. Dog hygiene is a critical factor when it comes to allergies. Make sure to maintain a clean and tidy place for your pet in the house. Giving regular baths to your dog is another necessity. Take special care in cleaning their coats, trimming their nails, and oral hygiene.

Bottom Line

To summarize, there are many valuable alternatives to consider instead of Apoquel for dogs’ allergies. CBD can be very effective for skin allergies. This is the best natural remedy for a pet to improve its physical issues. Buy these natural plant-based drugs from a reputed medicinal shop or site to get the quality product.

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