Bookmakers in Bangladesh

General Information

At this stage of the development of betting companies, you can notice a huge competition among these companies, each of which is trying to find its audience, to offer the best conditions for the use of platforms, as well as bonuses and promotions with easy accessibility. A good example of such a company is MarvelBet with its website marvelbet com.

New companies appear every year, so even those that have been in this sphere for a long time are forced to make new ways to keep their audience (regular customers) and try to acquire new ones every quarterly month. Companies try to take care of all aspects of providing this kind of service (online betting) and make all their websites and platforms more understandable and accessible to customers.

Bookmaker Legality

The first and main proof of the legality of bookmakers is to obtain a license. The license is issued by the competent authority, which has the right to issue this kind of license in the field of gambling (online betting). The company undergoes a multi-stage inspection of its activities, from documentation to the security of the website on which players place their bets. After passing the first full-scale inspection, the company will be subject to periodic (at least once every six months) additional checks. 

This procedure is carried out to ensure that during the validity period of the license, the company which has received it does not violate the rules (its obligations and users’ rights) and does not evade its prescribed actions. If a violation is detected (at any stage of the inspection) – the company’s license is suspended and its activities are frozen until the circumstances are clarified. If after the elimination of deficiencies or errors, it will be possible to extend the license – this is done. If it is impossible to eliminate errors in the work of the organization – the company loses its license and the opportunity to obtain a new one in this area for a certain amount of time. Therefore, each bookmaker’s office tries to comply with the exclusivity of its actions based on the license obtained. 

The second proof of the legality of the activities of betting shops is the presence of a signed agreement with the governments of the countries where the company operates (provides its services). If your country has signed such an agreement – you can not worry and freely use the services of a particular bookmaker. 

All the numbers of licenses and agreements are listed in the general information about the company on the main page of the official bookmaker’s website. This procedure is mandatory so that every user who doubts the legality of the company’s activities could find the full text of the documents by their number and read all the clauses of the license or agreement that the company has signed to further understand what platform he enters and whether it is legal to use the website in his country.

Protection of Personal Data

The protection of personal data in a betting company is handled by the company’s security service. The first and most popular way to protect your platform (website) is the SSL encryption system, which allows you to restrict access to players’ information to a certain circle of people (the top positions in the company, who are involved in statistical research on the players in the company). This system is used by many huge betting shops around the world and has shown itself in action from a very good side. The second key point of player’s data protection is the two-factor protection of personal data (A2), which provides the ability to encrypt the data through a certain code that is written on top of the main code used by the platform. Also, some companies offer features such as double login verification and additional passwords or passphrases for logging into your user account. 

You will be able to come up with an additional password to sign in from a new device, and you can also have a one-time code sent to your profile (which will be sent to your email or directly to your cell phone each time). These services allow users to keep track of all logins to their accounts by themselves and not provide access if they receive a message about a new password to sign in (and you didn’t make the request). 

Registration on the Platforms

All functionality of the online betting platform is available only to registered users who have a personal account on the platform. The registration process takes from 5 to 7 minutes. The registration process consists of entering (making up) the user name, and password, specifying their personal information: email address, phone number, choice of the payment system, and entering bank transfer data (accrual and withdrawal of funds). Only an adult person (at least 18 years old) can register – this rule is the same for all platforms (depending on the country, the age limit can be raised to 21). Also, you will be allowed to choose the currency (for residents and persons staying on the territory of 

Bangladesh is a great opportunity to use the national currency for deposit or withdrawal. The national currency is Bangladeshi Taka). The second stage of registration can be called an additional check – identity verification (verification), which each user must pass. This event is held to detect cheaters or dishonest players who try to register a second account (having a second account for one person is strictly prohibited by the statutes of online betting platforms). To pass this check, you should provide the company’s security service with scans or photos of personal identification documents, such as a driver’s license, passport, or national ID card.

Mobile App

All betting companies are interested in having an asset on the site at all times, but not every player can afford to sit at the table on a computer or laptop and use the platform. For this purpose, developers in companies create universal mobile applications for all operating systems (Android and iOS). Mobile applications will not be available (most often) in the App Store or Play Market, but all of them can be downloaded from the official website of the bookmaker’s office using a direct link. The apps are completely free and require no additional knowledge to use them. The process of registering or logging in to your account using the mobile app is no different from the computer version of the website. 

If the company has not yet released its mobile app – no problem, every user can use the mobile version of the website, which is optimized for each device (including tablets), adjusting the graphics and resolution for each screen, as well as the simplicity and clarity in the use of the platform, is maintained. 

Conclusion: At the moment, players who want to bet whenever it is convenient for them – must have a mobile device and access to the Internet – Everything! Each of the bookmakers takes care of their customers and tries to satisfy all their needs!

Privileges for Bangladesh Residents

New (extra) promotions and bonuses are being developed and implemented for Bangladesh residents and persons located in Bangladesh, which are valid only on the territory of the state. Companies are trying to find a common language with the gaming community of Bangladesh and try to offer as many promotions or tournaments for this category of players on the eve of national holidays and based on local traditions.

For residents of Bangladesh, a good bonus is cooperation with the most popular payment systems in the country:

  1. bKash;
  2. Visa;
  3. MasterCard;
  4. Neteller;
  5. Skrill.

And many, many others, which are the most convenient for residents of this country to deposit or withdraw money. Also, the use of local currency allows withdrawals directly from local banks. 

Best Offers and Bonuses

In this category, we will consider the example of, which has already established itself as an excellent platform for online betting in Bangladesh. Based on the statistics of surveys among the society of players in Bangladesh – made it to the list of “Top 5 Best Betting Agencies in Bangladesh”. 

The first and most basic bonus is the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is available to all new players when they first sign up. In some companies, the bonus money is given only after depositing your first deposit. In others, like, the welcome bonus is available immediately after completing registration and logging into your account. The welcome bonus is 400 Bangladesh taka (without funding your first deposit). Wagering of this amount (you need to pass to be able to withdraw funds) consists of betting on certain tournaments, or bets at certain odds, all the conditions (for each bonus) are presented on the platform in the “Promotions and Bonuses” – there you can read all the conditions of each of the bonuses and wagering. 

An additional welcome bonus is available on the platform in the form of a 1,900 Bangladeshi taka bonus, which you can get when you make a first deposit of 600 Bangladeshi takas or more. The wagering conditions will be slightly lower than when you get the bonus without depositing, but it also depends on the specific odds or certain matches to bet on.

Also, the site provides the opportunity to watch live events from the world of sports directly on the website using the built-in video player. You will be able to watch the game directly on the platform and, if necessary, change your bets on the team or player. A very convenient and clear interface is sure to please players!

Support Service

The support department in each bookmaker’s office provides its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support department has the most highly qualified employees who can provide you with advice on all the issues you are interested in. Questions can vary greatly, from questions (or problems) with the registration process to questions about understanding how a certain betting category works or how the odds for a certain event are calculated. Ways to get in touch with the support team:

Online Chat

Available on the main page of the bookmaker’s official website. Waiting time for an answer is from 1 minute to 30 minutes. Use this type of appeal if your problem does not take a long time to describe or solve.


The E-mail address is available in the “Information” section on the main page of the bookmaker’s official website. The waiting time for a response is from 10 minutes to 3 days. Contact us via e-mail if you have a voluminous problem or need to get a planned solution to your problem.

Direct Phone Number

Available to Bangladesh residents only, native language counseling in the country is supported, and the call may also be free for certain cellular carriers. Waiting time for an answer ranges from 1 minute to 1 hour.

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