Chile 0-5 Santiago Wanderers

Eduardo Berizzo had a difficult beginning to his spell as manager of the Chilean national football team. All punters can now explore online betting – try now on 1xBet and win while wagering on the best national teams from all over the world.

In fact, he needed to wait until his eighth official game to obtain his first victory. Before this first positive result, a seemingly innocent match would cause outrage among Chilean fans, who were already impatient because of the lack of results. Everybody can try online betting now on 1xBet, and use this platform to wager on the Chilean national squad as well.

A charity match that went catastrophically bad

In January 2023, the Chilean city of Viña del Mar suffered a huge fire that destroyed many houses and left many families in a dire situation. It was in this context that the Chilean U-23 national team (which was also coached by Berizzo) came to the rescue. The website also allows you to wager on youth matches from your mobile gadgets.

The U-23 squad was preparing for the Pan American games. For this reason, a friendly match was organized between Chile U-23 and Santiago Wanderers, which was played on the 26th of January 2023. The latter is a domestic Chilean team which, at the time, played in the second level of Chilean football. Of course, everybody can also wager on the Chilean football competitions through the 1xBet website.

The real purpose of this match was quite noble, as all the funds collected from ticket sales would go to help the families whose homes were destroyed after the fire. However, as it will be discussed, the Chilean U-23 would also need some help after this match.

A debacle that was solved in only 45 minutes

Remember, Santiago Wanderers was a team of the Chilean second level. At the same time, Chile U-23 was preparing for the Pan American Games of 2023 where they would be the host country. Visit now the website – site for live betting that can be used for these kinds of competitions too.

Most people expected that Chile U-23 would defeat Santiago Wanderers. However, and shockingly, it was the latter that destroyed Berizzo’s team at a score of 5-0. Also, all the goals were scored in the first half, which made things even worse. The goalscorers were:

Juan Ignacio Duma;
Matías Plaza;
and Carlos Muñoz.

As Wanderers’ goals came, Chilean fans became absolutely furious. The charitable purpose of this match was put aside for a moment, while followers of the Chilean national side demanded an explanation. Others went far beyond and asked for Berizzo’s dismissal. The best site for live betting is 1xBet, and punters may also use this platform to wager on teams with the best managers.

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