Comparing the Various Platforms Where Cryptoart Is Sold

Crypto art is an excellent investment opportunity for those who want to break away from traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and precious metals. Over 2.7 million distinct NFTs are in circulation, meaning you’ll have several opportunities to add these rare pieces to your portfolio. Finding works of NFT cryptoart that speak to you is critical when making your initial investment.

It’s also vital to find a secure platform to buy cryptoart. The best platforms offer a user-friendly interface that helps you make your first investment into NFTs and other cryptoart. The challenge is finding the right platform for your experience level and needs.

The good news is that you’re in luck because you’ve discovered this enlightening guide to the best platforms to explore when investing in NFTs. Continue reading to invest your hard-earned money with peace of mind today!


OpenSea is an excellent choice when investing in NFTs since it’s the first marketplace built for this purpose. It’s also the largest NFT market, so you can find most pieces and projects that stand out. View it as a one-stop spot to find the best digital investments for your growing portfolio.

You can mint crypto art without gas, making it a better alternative to other platforms. Still, it’s a platform best for viewing existing art projects instead of finding hidden gems. Consider visiting OpenSea when you dip your toes in the cryptoart waters for the first time.

It uses the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate transactions. You can count on quick transaction times and robust security with the Ethereum blockchain. The platform fee is also a manageable 2.5 percent.

It’s an excellent platform for beginners to cryptoart data. OpenSea is also one of the best options to avoid using gas during minting.


Rarible is another viable option to consider when investing in NFT cryptoart. It offers several excellent options, though the interface is clunky and challenging to navigate. Rarible is a popular choice for NFT art collectors because of the platform’s constant push for innovation and improvement.

Creators must submit several things to get verified and sell their works on Rarible. The platform also uses its own form of currency, $RARI, to facilitate transactions. The goal is to give art creators a voice to dictate the platform’s future.

It’s another cryptoart fund that uses the Ethereum blockchain to help with transactions. The exchange fee is 2.5 percent for each sale, which is affordable for most investors. It’s an excellent platform for anyone interested in buying and investing in cryptoart.


MakersPlace offers an air of exclusivity since it’s an invite-only platform for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. Getting accepted into this marketplace is challenging, but the effort is worthwhile if you’re serious about building a portfolio with NFT cryptoart.

You can join as a creator or a buyer, making it perfect if you want to tap into your digital art talents. You’ll want to join the MakersPlace Discord community and receive an invite to join. MakersPlace is one of the best platforms for established artists.

It’s also a pleasant shopping experience when seeking a new cryptoart. The platform isn’t overcrowded, making browsing straightforward without the extra noise. MakersPlace is a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain so that you can trust in the safety and reliability of your investments.

You can use your credit card or Ethereum coins to purchase the pieces you love. The fees are more significant if you opt to buy art through MakersPlace. The base fee is 15 percent; you can add 2.9 percent if you purchase the art with your credit card.


Visiting is an excellent way to explore the best cryptoart on the market when expanding your horizons and investing in digital assets. You’ll find various digital art and crypto music on this platform. It’s a curated platform that makes shopping for the best cryptoart a breeze.

Artists go through a robust invitation process. Only the best get accepted to display and sell their digital art on this platform, so you’ll enjoy a curated selection after establishing your investment budget. The process starts with an application form.

SuperRare is similar to the other popular platforms since it runs off the Ethereum blockchain. The only payment option is Ethereum coins, and you’ll face significant fees on your digital art purchases. Fifteen percent of the purchase goes to the gallery, and three percent goes to the marketplace.

You can use the Buy It Now feature to grab your favorite NFT cryptoart or make a purchase through an online auction. Try the scheduled auction to enjoy an adrenaline rush when bidding to buy the cryptoart you love.


Foundation is an option worth exploring if you want a platform to help collectors find the best art for their digital galleries. It became one of the go-to choices for veteran collectors in the cryptoart community. It uses the Ethereum blockchain to operate, and you’ll need Ethereum coins to purchase art from your cryptoart fund.

The fees are 15 percent on each purchase you make. There are no additional fees to the marketplace or for using gas in the minting process. It’s one of the best marketplaces to find up-and-coming cryptoart creators. The artists want to make a name for themselves, and you can score stunning art at affordable prices.

It uses an auction style that begins when the piece reaches the reserve set by the artist. The auction lasts 24 hours, and bids in the last 15 minutes extend the bidding time so other bidders can match or exceed the cost.

Start Collecting Your Favorite Cryptoart

Collecting cryptoart is a fantastic hobby that doubles as a valuable investment for your portfolio. Finding the best NFT cryptoart starts with finding reputable and secure platforms that are simple.

Compare the transaction fees and barriers to entry when picking the perfect platform for your cryptoart fund. Find a platform that offers payment methods that mesh with your financial situation.

Cryptocurrency and digital assets are gaining value and popularity, and you want to take advantage of your chance to accumulate wealth. Read more of our finance and technology blog content to find the best tips and latest news to push your net worth higher today!

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