Enjoy the Delicious Food Platter of Coimbatore

Coimbatore, an important city of Tamil Nadu, is also well-known for its tourist sites and serves as a gateway to other scenic spots in South India. The city has a lot to offer its visitors, from the old temple to the stunning mountain vistas. Another reason to visit Coimbatore is to taste its delicious cuisine. You can even order food online in Coimbatore and enjoy local favourites, popular Indian munchies, and well-known foreign cuisines from the comfort of your home. In Coimbatore, everyone can discover a flavour to suit their likes and preferences. 到會

Famous foods in Coimbatore you must try  

If you reside in Coimbatore or want to visit, make sure to place an online order of food in Coimbatore. Some of these famous cuisines available here are:

Lemon Rice  

Lemon rice is also referred to as chitranna. It is a popular South Indian meal. It has a tangy flavour and is often prepared in every Coimbatore household. Lemon rice is made using rice, onions, lentils, lemon juice, garlic, and gojju. Turmeric powder is also used to give it a yellow tint.


Rasam is the most well-known and often consumed food in South India. It is a South Indian soup that is sweet, spicy, and sour, and it is made with dried green mango juice, tamarind, garlic, spices, jaggery, and veggies. Mulligatawny is another name for Rasam. It is often consumed as a soup, although it can also be served with rice.  


Puttu is a nutritious morning meal. Rice and coconut are used to make it. Puttu is a coconut-crusted steamed rice roll. It is paired with sambhar or banana.  


Idli is another renowned Coimbatore food. Idlis are commonly consumed for breakfast and can be found at most food vendors and restaurants. Vendors of idli can be found in and around business locations as well as at markets. If you are feeling adventurous, try the diversity of idli preparations by ordering online in Coimbatore. You can choose from a  range from pepper idlis to jackfruit idlis.

Kozi Urundhai  

Kozi Urundhai is a fancy way of saying chicken meatballs with sauce. It has a fiery and spicy flavour and is a hearty non-vegetarian food for the people of Coimbatore. To enjoy this meal, place an online food order in Coimbatore from a local eatery.  


The spiral snack known as murukku first originated in Tamil Nadu. The word “murukku,” which translates to “twisted” in Tamil, refers to a crispy dish comprised of rice, urad dal, and spices. It is a popular food among the people of Coimbatore.  

Kalan Varuval  

It is a mushroom-based appetizer. Kalan Varuval is a spicy food popular among Coimbatore residents. Online food order in Coimbatore from local Chinese restaurants or buy it from street food stalls. 

Different Dosa Options  

Ordering food online in Coimbatore lets you enjoy a variety of delicious dosa variants, like podi dosa, onion dosa, kaalan dosa, tomato dosa, and many more. It goes well with hot sambar and coconut chutney. They are nutritious, and you can get them piping hot online because they are prepared all over the city. 

Kaalan (Mushroom Gumbo)  

Kaalan (mushroom), a native variant, is composed of mushrooms combined with chilli. It is prepared by cooking sautéed mushrooms, onions, and other vegetables in a thick masala broth until it achieves a porridge-like consistency. The mixture would be cooked and then given to consumers as a hot, spicy meal garnished with onions and coriander leaves. Kaalan is a local favourite that is part of all the roadside vendors in the city in the evenings. People gather around food stalls that offer them in the evenings, mingling and enjoying this Chaat-inspired delicacy. 


This delightful street food, also known as Paddu and Kuzhi Paniyaram, is similar to idli but is created with a rice batter topped with sautéed onions, black lentils, green chillies, and carrots and cooked in a mould to give it its famous golf-ball form. For a hearty meal, combine it with spicy tomato chutney or everyone’s favourite, coconut chutney.  

Muttai Parotta  

From the “tuk-tuk” noises of its cooking to its killer flavour and fragrance, Muttai Parotta is more than a meal in Coimbatore; it’s a sensation. Pour in some korma, and your stomach will be satisfied in no time. Shredded parotta, carrots, fried onions, and peas are used to make it. Some restaurants also add chicken chunks for even more fantastic flavours!  

Kambam Koozu  

Is the heat in Coimbatore making you tired? Cool down with a refreshing glass of Kambam Koozu, an organic cold drink prepared from Kambam (millet rice), ginger, curd, chilli, and cumin. This drink will instantly chill and energize your body. It also contains minerals and vitamins such as amino acids, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamins A, B, and E, and others.  

Nattu Kozhi Roast  

Nothing surpasses a traditional Nattu Kozhi fry when it comes to Kongu food. Nattu Kozhi roast is a fantastic non-vegetarian starter that pairs nicely with a spicy biryani.  

Mutton Nalli  

It would be insane to construct a list without Mutton Nalli taking centre stage. Squeezing delicate bone marrow from the well-cooked bone and serving it hot alongside the curry has its own fan following among South Indians.  


Kalakki is a type of egg that varies from both an omelette and a boiled egg in that it is not totally cooked. Instead, the egg would be pounded and put onto a hot Tawa, where it would be quickly rolled up and removed. This results in a semi-cooked egg, which is eaten with pepper. It has become popular among individuals of all ages.  

Final Thoughts:  

So that was all about Coimbatore’s famous dishes which you can enjoy when you choose to order food online in Coimbatore. So, pack your luggage and get ready to embark on your culinary adventure. Order food online in Coimbatore now if you wish to surprise your taste buds and try new delicacies. These meals will undoubtedly quench your need for delicious cuisine.  


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