How Much Does TRT Cost: Price And Working Of TRT Treatments

Testosterone is an essential hormone for the human body as it plays a vital role in many body functions, such as bone and muscle health and the cognition of red blood cells. Due to various reasons like infections, stress, trauma and ageing, testosterone levels can decrease in the body. Still, with the help of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), one can deal with this issue. Many people nowadays suffer from the declined testosterone levels in their body, so they wonder how much does trt cost.

An introduction to TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

TRT or also referred to as ART (Androgen Replacement Therapy), is a treatment which is given to males by a doctor to treat their testosterone deficiency and symptoms of hypogonadism. Taking prescribed levels of testosterone helps with the level of testosterone hormone in the blood, and it helps reverse the low testosterone in the body.

People who start taking these prescribed levels of testosterone start noticing some positive changes in their bodies, such as a high level of energy in the body and overall well-being. 

Also, for people who have a question such as how much does trt cost, it costs around $150 to $1500 per month. The cost of the therapy also depends on what kind of therapy the person is going for. Other factors influencing the cost of therapy are frequency and mode of administration.


The working of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The males who are suffering from hypogonadism are usually prescribed to undergo TRT. When people undergo a definitive diagnosis, they must take some blood tests. According to American Urological Association, the person in these blood tests must have low testosterone levels below 300 nanograms per decilitre (ng/dl).

Also, the individual must have other symptoms, such as fatigue, to be eligible for TRT. What happens in TRT is the body is provided with testosterone which is lacking for proper functioning. 

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the happening of various biological processes in the body, which are essential for the health of the body. Building and retaining muscle mass is hard when the body has a low testosterone level.

When the body stops making enough testosterone, the person’s health starts to suffer, and it becomes essential that you fix the issue as soon as possible. You can deal with these issues with the help of TRT, and if you wonder how much does trt cost, then it is not much, as it is all worth it in the long run. When you go through TRT, and the body’s testosterone level is managed, you will start to see improvements in your body.

You can only get TRT when you have the prescription. When a patient consistently shows the symptom of low testosterone levels in their body, only then will the doctor provide them with a prescription for getting a TRT. 

They also review the patient’s medical history and perform physical and lab tests to understand their condition better. The patient has to give two different blood tests as the level of the hormones in the body fluctuates with time and activity.


Different types of Testosterone treatments

When a person goes under TRT, they can go under one of the various types of treatment of TRT, so let’s look at what kind of testosterone treatments are available under TRT.

The Topical (Transdermal) treatment

In this treatment, the patient was treated with creams and gels daily. Through this gradual absorption, the testosterone levels in the blood are stabilised. People who undergo this treatment are generally advised to avoid skin contact with other people for 6 hours after applying their medicine. 

This is an essential practice as it helps reduce the risk of the medicine transferring from the patient’s skin to other people, as the medication is unsuitable for people other than the patient.

Topical patches are used in this treatment, and they are stuck into the skin and placed in the body for about 24 hours until the next dose is time. The usual dose of these patches is 2 mg to 5 mg. Also, these patches are considered a better alternative than all other treatments. A patient is advised to start with the lowest amount, and then the amount is increased gradually.

The treatment with testosterone implants and pellets

These testosterone pellets are tiny pellets implanted under the doctor’s skin. Usually, these implant goes into the person’s upper hip; after that, the pellet dissolves quickly and can deliver the TRT for upto 3-6 months. The dose of the medications can vary from one person to another, and the patient must first discuss it with their doctor before the implantation process. The implantation of these small pellets only requires a minor surgical procedure.


The treatment of Intranasal

Patients must apply the nasal testosterone gel inside their noses in this treatment. They are required to do this process at least three times a day in intervals of 6-8 hours, usually at the same time every day. 

The usual dosage is 11mg per application across both nostrils, resulting in 33 mg daily. There may be some reactions to the treatment, but it all improves as it progresses.

The Injectable Treatment


Injectable testosterone is usually the most inexpensive and common form of TRT. The patient usually goes under a short-acting treatment, which involves a shot every one or two weeks, or they can also undergo the long-acting treatment in this treatment, the second shot is given after four weeks after the first week, and all of the other shots are around ten weeks apart from each other. 


These doses and the frequency of the treatment vary for each patient, and the doctor decides which patient should go for which treatment. The doctors usually inject long-acting shots into the gluteal muscles, and the short-acting testosterone goes under the skin into the muscle.


So we can say the main focus of a TRT is to restore the testosterone level to normal in a patient. After going under a TRT, any patient can expect improvements in the testosterone levels in their blood within a week.

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