How To Make Money By Playing Online Games

Online gaming has become popular, and more people are joining the gaming community. The rise of esports and online gaming opportunities has become a profitable side hustle for most people. Gamers can now enjoy their favourite game and make money out of it. They can take part in tournaments and competitions from popular platforms. So, how can you make profits by playing online games on your favourite platform?

1. Take Part in Tournaments and Competitions

Players who win competitions and tournaments in real money-earning games are usually rewarded. All gamers must do is research games with active competitions and sign up to participate in the events. But before participating in the contests, you must practice. Doing this will increase your chances of winning the tournament.

2. Stream Gameplay on Popular Platforms

Any gamer can stream their gameplay for everyone to see. You can build a following or loyal audience to attract donations and sponsorships from viewers. Some of the biggest platforms you can do this include Twitch and Youtube. Through the huge following gamers can earn real money out of playing games online.

3. Selling Virtual Services and Products

Real money-earning games let gamers purchase and sell virtual products and services. These products include in-game items and character customisation options. If you possess any items or skills to offer, you can make a profit by selling them to other gamers.

4. Affiliate Marketing

It’s a marketing strategy where gamers promote a firm’s items to their followers and earn a commission on the sales. Gamers with a large following in the gaming industry can use this to make money by promoting items related to gaming. The items may include game titles, gaming equipment such as laptops, controllers and other gaming accessories.

5. Creating Content

Gamers who enjoy gaming and love creating content have the chance to earn money through their passion. They can create tutorials, walkthroughs or other types of content related to your favourite game and monetise. Gamers can make money in this category through ad revenue. Through the creation of high-quality and engaging content, you can attract an audience and generate income through ads.

6. Apply for Esports Scholarships

Did you know there are esports scholarships available for gamers? Although they are not common, it is possible to get one. The University of Roehampton offers £1,500 annually for talented student gamers through the esports scholarship.

7. Working as a Game Tester

Most people think that it’s not possible to play real money-earning games online. However, it’s possible for gamers who work as game testers to earn cash. When firms develop games, they hire game testers for quality assurance. The job can involve testing games to gauge things like usability and functionality and to find issues to be fixed. You may be testing on various mobile, games console, tablet or desktop platforms. Then after testing the game, game testers must present their findings in a report.

8. Make Money as a Gamer on Social Media

As an online games and social media lover, you can combine this to earn money on gaming apps as a gaming influencer. It’s best for experienced people as they have built an audience. You can share the content on Instagram, Youtube, and other gaming sites. You can share tips or post funny videos that gamers can relate to. If you want to start, check other gaming influencers on social media platforms for ideas on the content that works best.

9. Write Video Game Reviews

Working as a video game reviewer is an excellent way of combining your gaming and writing skills. It’s an excellent way for experienced gamers as they can review the games well. You can start online gaming blogs. It allows you to review your favourite games and share thoughts on the latest industry news and events. Once you get the readership, you can monetise the blogs.

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It takes time to build gameplay. When you do it, you can start making money from it. You can make money by making gaming reviews, working as a game tester, earning on social media, creating content and affiliate marketing. Pick the technique that will work best for you.

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