Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 5th January 2024 Episode: RV and Poorvi the riots

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 5th January 2024 Episode RV and Poorvi get stranded in the riots

The episode opens with Harman approaching Dada ji for a conversation. However, Dada ji is preoccupied with thoughts about chess. In a surprising turn, he expresses regret to Harleen for arranging her marriage with Harman, suggesting that she would have been better off with his hypothetical elder son. This revelation about an elder son, who only existed in Dada ji’s imagination as a wishful thought during his wife’s pregnancy, surprises everyone, including RV and Yug. Harman, feeling undermined for his victory in chess against Dada ji, faces criticism from Dada ji who bluntly states that Harman should have let him win. The situation escalates when Yug confronts Dada ji’s attitude, leading to Harman admonishing Yug. Harleen steps in, cautioning Harman against scolding Yug and urges him not to always strive for victory. Faced with Harleen’s threat of making him eat bitter gourd, Harman reluctantly apologizes. The episode takes a lighter turn as Dada ji announces it’s time for family cricket, while RV leaves for a meeting.

In this scene, Khushi is seen seeing off Poorvi for her interview and plans to spend time together in the evening before Khushi has to meet her husband, whom she refers to sarcastically due to his lack of time for her. As Poorvi is about to leave, a neighbor makes a remark about a respectable man, Ashu, being a suitable match for Poorvi. This prompts Khushi to confront the neighbor, Kusum, questioning whether her own younger daughter is married. Kusum dismisses the idea, to which Khushi retorts that Ashutosh, referred to as Ashu, had shown interest in marrying Poorvi but they rejected him and his family’s marriage proposal.

Khushi then brings up the past incident of Kusum’s elder daughter eloping with Raja, reminding Kusum that Khushi’s mother supported her during that difficult time, contrary to the neighborhood’s stance. Another lady taunts Poorvi, leading to a heated exchange where Poorvi defends her sister Khushi, asserting their rights to their house and reminding Kusum of the support they offered her in the past. Khushi, feeling a pang of guilt over speaking ill of Kusum’s younger daughter, warns the ladies against speaking ill of her sister. The scene highlights familial bonds, the importance of past support, and the complexities of neighborhood relationships.

Dada ji reaches out to RV, requesting his assistance in choosing a design for a t-shirt. During this interaction, Vikrant appears and urges Dada ji to make a decision, either confirming the current model or selecting a new one. Meanwhile, Poorvi is on the phone with Diya, informing her that she is looking for an auto. As they converse, Poorvi notices RV passing by and mentions this to Diya, who remarks on the serendipity of the situation. Amidst these events, it’s revealed that someone is covertly following Poorvi, adding a layer of intrigue and potential suspense to the narrative.

In this tense scene, Ashok and Vishaka become aware of a dangerous situation developing in the city when they overhear a reporter advising people to avoid a specific area. Relieved to know that Khushi is safe, Ashok immediately contacts Poorvi to check on her safety and offers to come pick her up. Poorvi, who has just managed to find an auto, reassures her father that she is fine.

However, the situation quickly escalates as Poorvi realizes someone is following her. She urges the auto driver to speed up, but they soon encounter a violent riot. Amid the chaos, with goons attacking innocent bystanders, Poorvi instructs the driver to turn back, but he abandons the auto and flees. Poorvi is left alone and horrified as she witnesses the brutality of the riots. The scene reaches a climax when one of the rioters, wielding a rod, advances towards Poorvi, heightening the sense of danger and suspense.

In this action-packed and emotionally charged scene, RV heroically intervenes as Poorvi is about to be attacked by a goon during a riot. He manages to stop the attack, urging Poorvi to escape. However, the goons then target both RV and Poorvi, leading to a tense chase.

Poorvi, in a moment of vulnerability, refers to RV as her destiny, acknowledging his repeated presence in her times of need. The situation escalates when RV is brutally attacked by the goons, first with a stick and then with a broken glass bottle, causing him to fall. Poorvi’s attempt to reach him is thwarted when a goon grabs her, but RV, despite his injuries, fights back. Poorvi, in a quick-thinking move, throws sand into the goons’ eyes and flees with RV.

Seeking refuge, RV decides they should hide in the trunk (decky) of a car. Despite Poorvi’s concerns about the cramped space, RV emphasizes the need for safety over comfort. He helps her into the trunk, and they both hide as a romantic song, “Apna banale piya,” plays in the background, adding a poignant contrast to the perilous situation.

The goons, still searching for them, mistakenly believe RV and Poorvi have fled elsewhere. One goon strikes the car trunk, unknowingly closing it with RV and Poorvi inside, who are now holding hands in a tense but intimate moment. The goons decide to search elsewhere, leaving RV and Poorvi momentarily safe but trapped. This scene blends elements of romance, suspense, and action, highlighting the growing connection between RV and Poorvi amidst the chaos.

Precap: Someone takes photos of RV and Poorvi. Prachi invites Poorvi to have some food. Ashutosh arrives and asks, “How was your night?”

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