Maximising Profitability: Tips for Playing Slots Smartly

Land-based casinos usually have a floor dedicated to slot machines. The same goes for online casinos, with most sites having a section to house hundreds of slots. These games have come a long way, from the one-armed bandits common in brick-and-mortar locations to the online versions with multiple reels and unique bonus features.

The popularity of slots is partly due to their simplicity. You simply set your stakes and press the button to spin the reels, offline or online. If you land a winning combination, you get a payout. Some games have jackpot prizes triggered when the correct symbols land on a payline.

Players can claim an exclusive bonus by and increase their chances of winning by playing longer. However, accepting mouth-watering offers and using them to play slots isn’t the only way to maximise profitability from these games. You must choose the right casino and understand the basic slot features and how they affect your winning chances. We have covered these factors in this article.

Selecting the Right Casino

Choosing the right casino is crucial to your gaming experience. That’s because games, bonuses, and other offerings differ from one online casino to another. Some platforms have a more comprehensive slot library; others have better customer support and massive bonuses.

When selecting an online casino, factor in your gaming preferences. Do you prefer classic slots to five-reel games? Search for gambling sites with a good selection of this three-reel and few payline slots. Do you want PG slots? Opt for PG slot sites with different games from the developer.

Your online security is one thing you should never ignore. Play slots only at licensed, safe, and trustworthy casinos. A licensed casino abides by regulations set by the regulatory body. Thus, the site should not only have this certificate, but it should be from a well-known regulatory authority. Ensure the platform runs on a safe server and uses other security features like SSL encryption to safeguard your information.

RTP: Return to Player

The Return to Player (RTP) in a slot refers to the typical percentage of money the player gets back from playing that game in the long run. It’s the opposite of the house edge, representing the online casino’s mathematical advantage.

To better illustrate the concept of casino RTP, let’s use the popular Gates of Olympus from Pragmatic Play. The game has an expected return-to-player of 96.5%, which means it will pay out $96.5 for every $100 bet on average. The remaining 3.5% is the house edge, which goes to the online casino.

However, note that RTP is calculated for multiple spins. Therefore, you don’t expect to win $96.5 for every $100 you wager. You could get lucky and win a lot of money or have terrible luck and lose your bet. Though the RTP isn’t the most precise metric for checking your winning chances, it’s a good indicator of how much money players can expect to win.

Extra Features

Gone are the days when slot machines in land-based casinos only had three reels and a lever you pulled to spin these reels. Today, there are online slots with several in-built features that players can use to their advantage. Note that these features don’t guarantee a win but could increase your chances of landing a winning combination. We’ve explored some of them below.

Bonus Buy

Bonus rounds are a staple of modern online slots, often resulting in substantial payouts. These features, however, can only be activated if the player lands a specific combination of unique symbols or completes specific objectives inside the game. As a result, triggering the bonus feature seems almost impossible.

That’s where the bonus buy comes in. Big Time Gaming trademarked these exciting and entertaining features in 2017 with the debut of the White Rabbit slot. It lets you buy your way into the bonus game. So you don’t have to keep spinning, hoping to land the right combination and trigger the bonus round; you simply use the bonus buy feature to start the rounds immediately. If you’re lucky, you could win big during the feature.

Higher Limits

Most online slots have minimum and maximum betting limits to satisfy players with different budgets. While you can play on the lower spectrum, playing with a higher limit increases your potential payout. Plus, some jackpot games require players to bet higher amounts for a chance to trigger the jackpot. Regardless, gamble responsibly and play only with the amount you can afford to lose.


As the name implies, the function spins the reels automatically, allowing players to enjoy uninterrupted play. The process can be set to a certain number. For instance, some slots set you up to 50 auto spins, so you can just sit back and watch the reels spin 50 times. The game records whatever you win automatically. Unfortunately, the UKGC announced the removal of autoplay from slots in the UK.


Many slot games have the Quick Spin feature, also known as the “turbo spin,” which causes the reels to spin faster than usual. It’s best for those who want a faster-paced game or are too impatient to see the outcome of a spin. Combining this with the autoplay feature results in fast and automated gameplay. The outcome of each spin is based on luck, so you have a good chance of getting significant payouts or triggering the bonus feature with faster spins.

What To Be Aware Of In Slot Sites

We’ve detailed the basic features of online slots that could improve your winning chances. Now, let’s discuss what you should look out for at slot sites. If you notice any of the following, pick a different platform.

Lacks Slots from Reputable Providers: The providers are the minds behind the game, so if the developer isn’t innovative, its slots will likely be boring. Not all providers’ games are fair, meaning you could be cheated. Thus, before registering at an online casino, look at the software developers. Ensure they’re reputable and licenced companies like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, PG Soft, and Yggdrasil.
Few New Titles: If you want a diverse gaming experience, choose online casinos that update their game library regularly. As a result, when a provider releases a new slot, you’re confident that the operator will include it in its collection. So you don’t miss out on the fun or keep playing the same games repeatedly.
Low Payout: The RTP usually applies to slot games but is also relevant to online casinos. It details how much a gambling site pays you in the long run. If an online casino’s overall percentage is low, you earn less from the platform in the long run than you would on sites with higher payout percentages.
No Progressive Jackpot: A progressive jackpot slot has a prize pool that increases with every player’s real money bet on that game. A lucky player then triggers the jackpot. If you’re a fan of these games, always ensure an online casino has them before registering.


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