Must-Have Sweatshirt Styles to Snuggle Up in Cold

That warm and snuggly feeling in winter is unmatchable! But it is very hard in winter to get up early for a morning walk, run or workout session. Everybody has been there in that situation. We all wish to have comfort and warmth all day long during winter. In such times, a sweatshirt is an answer to all your problems. Sweatshirts are one of the best fashion apparels and are a blessing in the fashion world. Sweatshirts are made of fleece, making them softer and warmer from the inside. Fleece, used for lining, is a smooth and warm fabric. Sweatshirts are always loose or oversized but never fitted. Even though they come under sweaters, they are not a sweater. Let us check out some styles of sweatshirts for women in winter that you must consider before purchasing a sweatshirt for your winter. But before, let us discuss some factors to pay heed to:   

  1. Choose the right fit  

Sweatshirts are an essential piece of clothing in winter as they keep you warm. Make sure that the sweatshirt is not too tight. A tight-fitting sweatshirt does not provide you with enough air to breathe. Do not forget to check the sleeves, ensuring they are long enough to fit nicely around your arms.   

  1. Go for the proper patterns  

There is a great variety of a sweatshirt. It is not only pain and solid colours. You can also have beautiful patterns on your sweatshirts. The correct pattern on a sweatshirt can make a woman feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. There are different patterns to choose from. Go for the one that suits and fits your style.   

  1. Choose the suitable fabric 

The fabric that you pick for your winter clothing is essential. Winter clothes are not only meant to keep you warm; you can even look stylish too in winter clothes. Choose the material accordingly for your winter sweatshirts. When you choose the suitable material, you will see warmth and style go hand in hand.  

  1. Go for a good quality sweatshirt 

Quality is always essential. Good quality clothes make you look good in your winter clothing. Good quality sweatshirts will not only look stylish and sound but will also stay for a long time. 


 Types of sweatshirts to wear during winters    

  1. Crewnecks – Crewnecks are one of the market’s most popular and classic sweatshirts. They are round, collarless and long-sleeved. They are slightly warmer than a usual long-sleeved tee. The sweatshirt can be worn alone or with additional clothing, such as a t-shirt or a shirt. 
  2. Polos – If you want something comfortable yet casual, choose polo sweatshirts. These sweatshirts have polo- lie designs, especially with collars.
  3. Hoodies – A sweatshirt with a hood not only looks fantastic but also keeps you safe and warm in winter. The hoodie mostly comes with drawstrings made of polyester or cotton. Hoodie sweatshirts also have pockets, helping you keep your hands warm. Hoodie sweatshirts come in various patterns, like zipped and pullovers, and are available in other styles too. 
  4. knitted sweatshirts – These sweater-like hoodies add class to the sweatshirts. They can be worn for a casual night as they are very light and comfortable. You can even find these in an oversized loose-fitting knitted hoodie which helps your body breathe.  
  5. Mock necks – This sweatshirt consists of two parts of the material that are stitched together. You can say that they are like modern-day turtle necks. The only difference between mock and turtle necks is mock necks are lower than turtle necks. Also, they are made of thin materials and come with short sleeves or sleeveless. 


Having a good wardrobe is not about having tons of clothes. You can create stunning, trendy outfits with a bit of imagination and a few choice items. With the arrival of winter, you need to change your wardrobe. Having the proper winter clothing for the cold weather is essential. Sweatshirts are the exact thing to wear when you feel casual and, at the same time, you need to run an errand. Sweatshirts can be easily styled with other outfits, making them suitable to wear for work purposes.   

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