Online iOS-Compatible Board Games That Test Players’ Thinking and Strategizing Skills

Since the dawn of video gaming, games have gone from being strategic at first to heavily graphic-immersive and once again bent into more strategically inclined ones that affect the mind more and have a specific effect on the individual’s brain, which is a positive as we enter the new decade. buy lol accounts

Strategy games, especially the department that involves board games, are only strategically oriented with less focus on the visuals and provide a more in-depth intellectual experience than other games.

In the list below, let us check out some of the games that are iOS compatible and are some of the best in terms of board games that set you to device creative moves till the very end.


Monopoly is a game that sets you thinking right from the start about your probable course in the game to get the best of your rivals. This game tops the list as it is the one that lets you get on a journey through the many setbacks and profits that you will encounter in the voyage of life. It is a life lesson that makes you wise in the most basic terms of the economy. In the game, you get tokens to play, and you have to maximize your real estate by the time you end the game. The game’s goal is to end up as the wealthiest player, and the smooth iOS version lets you get the best experience without the hassle of carrying all the accessories and in-game figures. This iOS board game is a must-have for everyone interested in brushing up their financial and investment skills through a game.

MPL Chess

Chess is the number one game that sets your brain cells in momentum, and MPL is the best app to play this classic game with minimal tweaks. With the additional support of the iOS platform, you get a more straightforward and smoother experience.

The chess rules are easy to learn, but to master them, you need hours of practice, and the more you play, your game gradually improves. To beat the top players of the game, you need to put in a lot of work, and in most instances, you have to use a novice strategy against the most extraordinary players to confuse them. The trick to playing good chess is perfecting all the moves and gauging your opponent, so you can predict what is coming and prepare accordingly.

The MPL app also offers rewards and prizes, so it is a win-win situation as you get a free brain-jostler and rewards along the way.

Catan’s Universe

Catan has gained excellent reviews over the years as one of the most promising apps in the market and emerged as a much-loved game among board game players. The main goal behind the game is to occupy the island of Catan and become the Lord or the Lady of the island. In this race, you must utilize whatever resources you get ahead of your partners and plan your progress in the game.

The players must make their settlements and own the maximum number of places possible on the map. The winner is decided based on who owns the most points and eventually gathers the most settlements on the island.

Catan has been enjoyed everywhere, and people experience a more animated feel of the game on iOS, which is free from any lag due to regular updates. Players can play solo with the AI as rivals or queue up with online players, allowing you to enjoy the game wherever and whenever you want.

D&D: Lords of Waterdeep

The Dungeons and Dragons saga has been a loved game for generations and has dominated the physical board game realm for years. It is made into a game where you have to manage characters rather than making a minor character and gradually building it. This online version is available across all iOS devices. The game is placed in the city of Waterdeep, and you, being the ‘Masked Lord’, have to manage the entire city and follow all of its rules and present new systems as one of the hidden rulers. While playing, you will see that there are a lot of challenges, and you have to make decisions that affect the city, so it is capable of running in full motion without the knowledge of the people in the town that you are behind the machinations.

You can pair up with people easily to play the game online and set your brain to work as the engine of a live city.

Exploding Kittens

As fun as it may seem at first, exploding kittens is a crucial game of strategy where you must not be fooled by the animation and cuteness of the application.

The game is a version of Russian roulette where you must draw cards and deter from drawing the exploding kitten, or you will die. You can save yourself from the explosion if you have the diffuse card with you, which lets you use a laser pointer, belly rubs, and other actions that cats like in real to prevent them from blowing up. The strategizing sets your style of maneuvering the exploding kitten around the board without putting your paws on it. The game’s art is a winner and a definite candidate for some true-blue fun.

Final Thoughts

Strategic board games are the most lucrative games to play on any iOS platform. These games do not heavily draw on the device’s battery with high-level graphics or too many complex controls. Here the primary skill lies in outwitting your opponent and setting the game up so that you can score at the top and stop others from gaining on your tracks. Thinking and strategizing on games offer real-life attributes and provoke any kind of player to push the pedal on their thinking gear.

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