Quick Financial Tips for Indian Students Traveling Abroad

As a student, when you travel abroad, you can come across exciting, thrilling and rewarding moments. You will get to taste new cultures, learn trending things, and turn out to be more skilled in your life. But it is critical that you pay attention to your money or financials, too, when travelling internationally. You must be wise, and for that, this post shares with you several financial tips for Indian students

Budgeting is the Beginning 

Before you even start your journey, make sure that you do create a proper and comprehensive budget that underlines your estimated expenses. You should make it a point to encompass categories like accommodation, tuition fees, travel, food, transportation, entertainment, and even emergency funds. Remember, once you stick to the budget you have created, you can dodge adverse circumstances.

Exchange Currency Thoughtfully 

Then you should always opt for safe and even dependable channels to exchange your currency. Banks and authorized currency exchange offices, most of the time, get you better rates than that airport kiosks. You should also keep a check on exchange rates to receive the most preferable deal. Remember, you can also use currency cards to simplify your currency exchange.

Do Your Research and Compare Well 

It is also your duty that you research your destination thoroughly to understand the expense of living, currency exchange rates, and even local pricing. it would be helpful if you do compare various options for flights, even accommodations, and transportation to get the best deals and save your money. The point is when you explore diverse options, you get to know which option may promise you savings.

Explore Student Discounts

Then it is also your duty to dig into this aspect, or you may feel disappointed later on. Many countries are there that offer discounts to students on their transportation, attractions, museums, and more. So, try to get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to access these types of discounts and save money. The point is simple; you should explore the provisions that are there for students.

Check Accommodation Options

Try to be careful about the accommodation options too. Consider staying in university dormitories, even hostels, or good shared accommodations to drop your lodging costs. Try to explore and research local options and book in advance to secure affordable and reasonable prices. The comparison will ensure that you don’t get fooled financially by locals.

Don’t Miss Out on Travel Insurance

You have no idea how it can become an Armor for you. Just invest in comprehensive and good travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, even your trip cancellations and lost baggage. It can work as a protection for you against unexpected expenses. Indeed, you will thank yourself for this move if any unfortunate happens during your stay aboard.


To sum up, it is great that you are going to take this huge step in your life of going to international land for your studies. But making mistakes while you are there can turn out to be financially draining for you. You should make smart financial moves like choosing a zeroforex markup card and ensuring that everything is sorted. After all, tips help you choose better and stay away from nightmares.

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