Storm International Reveals Secrets about Upcoming Expansion

Every year brings something new and makes adjustments to the development of the gambling industry. Storm International, a leading gambling operator, looks to the future with confidence and plans to expand in 2023. Years of experience have allowed the company to achieve high business performance in 2022. This will be the foundation for new successes and changes in 2023. 

What was special about 2022? An incredibly difficult period left its mark on the dynamics of the brand. The fighting in Ukraine did not allow local complexes to work at full capacity. It would seem that the decline in business is obvious. But the well-coordinated work and professionalism of the team brought the brand to a new level, said CEO of Shangri La, Darren Keane. The company continued its work despite the difficult conditions and is ready for new challenges. 

Each member of the Storm International team has made every effort for the overall success of the company. Creative solutions, assertiveness, and faith in the strength of the brand helped the company not only survive but also continue to develop. Today there is confidence in the future and the holding team will do everything possible to achieve its goals. 

In Ukraine, the work of Storm International has been particularly difficult. The war stopped the Ukrainian units for several months. The local team showed all their best qualities for the relaunch of Shangri La Kyiv. Slots City gaming halls in Kyiv and Kharkiv have also restored their work. The success exceeded even the wildest expectations, moreover, further development is planned. 

Shangri La Yerevan also had excellent results in 2002. This is indeed a reason to be proud, said the director of Shangri La, Darren Keane. In October, in the heart of Armenia, a new gaming complex of the brand was opened. The year was marked by the brand’s reaching a new level, which means that the future of the Armenian branch looks cloudless and encouraging. 

The Georgian branch of the brand has stable and consistently high results. This makes the Shangri La Tbilisi gambling complex the best in the region for many years. The high competition in the Georgian gambling market is very motivating. This helps the brand team in Georgia achieve impressive success. In the near future, Shangri La Tbilisi customers will be able to enjoy cool updates. The provision of premium services in the complex remains unchanged. 

Storm International gambling clubs in Germany are incredibly popular. The flow of customers has been growing rapidly over the past year. The German brand’s team is ready for future expansion and will make every effort to provide visitors with a pleasant experience. 

What is Shangri La Live? An important part of the company is a successful Internet project. A difficult 2022 did not prevent the virtual platform from demonstrating positive growth dynamics. Users of the site can look forward to new opportunities for playing. Updates are expected soon. This applies to both the range of gambling entertainment and new bonuses, tournaments, and gifts. 

Storm International has a really rich history. Today, the company looks to the future with confidence. Thanks to a close-knit team, the brand is moving towards new victories. And all customers of the world-famous brand will benefit from this.

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