The exclusive Clube dos 13

Clube dos 13 (English: Club of 13) was a group of 13 of the most powerful and popular football clubs in Brazil. Punters can visit – try online betting Pakistan on all these highly successful squads.


The organization was founded in 1987 with the goal of promoting and defending the interests of its members. Some of them were:


  • Cruzeiro;
  • Internacional;
  • Grêmio;
  • Vasco da Gama;
  • Flamengo;
  • Fluminense;
  • Palmeiras;
  • and São Paulo.


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Plenty of negotiations

The Clube dos 13 became known for its role in negotiating TV rights for Brazilian football matches. In the 1990s and 2000s, the organization played a key role in increasing the revenue earned by Brazilian football clubs from TV broadcasts. While waiting for football broadcasts, try some casino games from the website.


By negotiating as a group, the Clube dos 13 was able to secure better deals for its members than they would have been able to negotiate individually.


Another important role played by the Clube dos 13 was in promoting the Brasileirão (Brazilian Championship), which is the top-tier football league in Brazil. Of course, the 1xBet platform also features wagers on this tournament. The organization worked to increase the visibility of the league, attract new sponsors, and improve the quality of the competition.

Downfall of the organization

In addition to these commercial activities, the Clube dos 13 also played a role in promoting social causes. For example, the organization supported the creation of the Statute of the Fan, which is a law that seeks to protect the rights of football fans in Brazil. You can always watch 1xBet live match to see what is going on in Brazilian football.


Despite its success in the past, the Clube dos 13 faced challenges in the 2010s. In 2011, the organization lost its role as the exclusive negotiator of TV rights for Brazilian football matches. The Clube dos 13 was unable to compete with these new entrants, and its members began to negotiate their TV rights individually.


In 2012, the Clube dos 13 officially disbanded. The organization had lost much of its relevance, and its members felt that they could achieve their goals more effectively by negotiating individually. Punters can go to 1xBet to watch a live match of all teams that were part of this club.

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