Top 10 Online Reverse Phone Lookup Tools

Receiving wrong calls from an unknown number is a tough thing. You need to resolve the issue by using some tools. With the help of advanced you can search the information about the caller is easy. You need to provide the phone number and fetch all the data.

You can use these tools for extracting information about the unknown number. They are collecting data by using reliable database departments. As a result, you will receive the target’s most accurate information.

It is possible to use online tools to verify the caller’s information. Using these amazing tools for collecting information and take any action any possible action. Here is the list of the top 10 online reverse phone lookup tools that you learn in detail.

Top 10 Online Reverse Phone Lookup Tools

  • US Phone Lookup – Most Trusted Tool
  • NumLooker – Highly Recommended
  • TheNumberLookup – Provide Services For Free
  • USPhone Search – Great Lookup Tool
  • Spy Tox – Great For In-Depth Search
  • AnyWho – To Find Out Deeper Results
  • BeenVerified – Verify Numbers
  • Intelius – Better For Secure Lookup
  • InstantChackMate – Get Instant Results
  • TrueCaller –  Best Website

1. US Phone Lookup – Most Trusted Tool

Anyone can reach you with the help of that phone number. But there is no excuse for getting trouble or spam calls. Apparently, there is a great source for lookup. US Phone Lookup is a tool that can help you to find the person behind unknown calls.

With its help you can easily reveal all social media profiles accosted with the phone number.. you can easily uncover callers’ identities. It helps you to deal with scammers very sharply. Collect all the information from this tool and give scammers a shock with your smartness.

Another thing that you can get from this highly accurate service is that all of your search and data entry will be secure. It also runs a background check so that you can identify if someone is falling for a scam or not.

What You Can Find Out With US Phone Lookup 


There are so many things that you can gather with this service. from the most simple to the most complex information. Using US Phone Lookup, everything is possible.  The things that you can get free from this tool include the following: 


  • Find out basic information like name, age, home and office address, social media profiles, education, or job title.


  • It is legal to use and it is connected with several governmental agencies.


  • It is anonymous and discreet in terms of security and privacy. 


  • All the data is 100% correct because it is collected from federal public records.


  • It is fully free and provides necessary lines about the person behind unknown calls.


  • It includes phone directories for better interference.


  • You can also look up phone numbers with the help of code areas.

2. NumLooker – Highly Recommended

Here we have another highly recommended phone number lookup service. NumLooker is providing its services to its customers with very reliable results. It provides instant access to detailed personal information. It is a type of confidential Reverse Phone number Lookup service.

It works automatically and finds all the associated details of a person. Just like phone directories did in the past.  As soon as you enter the number and click on the search button this service starts its database and gives you a perfect report about your target person.

Good Points of NumLooker 

  • Best Reverse Phone Search Platforms for in-depth search 
  • Very Confidential 
  • Quick And Efficient 

3. TheNumberLookup – Provide Services For Free

The Number Lookup is also one of the greatest tools that are working for people and providing the best look-up service.  This tool is 100% free and worth using. It helps to find out people who are disturbing you with continuous calls.  You can have access to all types of information about personal belongings and lots of other information.

You will get details of a contact, social media pages,  current or past locations, family history, or other personal details. The process is very simple and understandable. The information you got from this tool is highly reliable and relevant. 

Good Points of TheNumberLookup 

  • 100% free
  • Easily accessible a quick 
  • Provide relevant information 

4. Instant ChackMate – Get Instant Results

It has phone directories that are always up to date so that you can have more reliable reports.  So besides blocking someone, use this service to get some interesting information.

It also offers a background check. But it is not free. If you subscribe to its monthly membership you can enjoy all of its features but if you are using it for free you may not get proper guidelines or information about your target person. So get detailed information with its paid version.

Good Points of Instant ChackMate 

  • Provide instant report
  • Updated phone directories 
  • Not free but reliable 


5. TrueCaller –  Best Website

 Last but not least TrueCaller reveals the exact identity of unknown callers by searching it with the help of its huge database. You can use this service because of its great and highly approved database. It gives you the most accurate information you need to know about someone.

Moreover, if you use its pro version you can also get information about the social media profiles of the person you are looking for. If you use this tool for free you may not get deeper information or better reports. So if you want better results and more accurate information you must have to pay for it. 


Good Points of TrueCaller 

  • Best database 
  • Also had a paid version for better investigation 
  • Reliable and recommended 


Now with the help of US Phone Lookup, you can easily manage all the calls and unknown numbers easily. You may get all the caller details for unauthorised callers. That’s pretty amazing. Use this incredible tool and share your experience as well.

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