Where to Store MATIC Safely: Top 5 Hardware Wallets

The Ethereum network charges high fees for using smart contracts. Therefore, developers began to look for solutions to increase throughput. The Polygon project developed in 2017 is a prime example of solving this problem. It is one of the most promising crypto projects with a strong technical base and support from the crypto community.

MATIC is Polygon’s native cryptocurrency. It has gained considerable popularity due to its unique features and practical applications. This crypto is widely used for the following purposes:

  • Pay fees within the Polygon ecosystem;
  • Manage and secure the network through the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.

Thus, the issue of anonymous SOL to MATIC exchange and secure storage of coins is very relevant today. LetsExchange is rightfully called the best service for crypto exchange. It supports about 4000 crypto coins and over 80 fiat currencies. Transactions are carried out instantly. There are no registration or other restrictions. And as for MATIC storage, hardware wallets are considered the best place. Find out more about this below.

What Are Hardware Wallets and Why Are They Good for Storing MATIC?

Hardware wallets are devices specifically designed to store private keys. They are considered a more secure alternative to PC or smartphone crypto storages, mainly because they do not maintain a constant connection to the Internet. Such properties significantly reduce the risk of possible attacks. And this, in turn, implies the impossibility of remote intervention in the operation of such a device and theft of MATIC coins.

Top 5 Trusted Hardware Wallets

If you want to make a WETH to MATIC exchange and transfer your coins to secure hardware storage, check out the top 5 trusted wallets below.

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the ideal hardware wallet for interacting with cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and has a large enough screen for easy use. The device allows you to manage more than 5500 coins and tokens safely. These include MATIC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc.

Trezor Model T

This compact hardware wallet weighs only 22g but securely stores cryptographic keys and passwords. It supports 1700+ cryptocurrencies and is compatible with Electrum, Trezor Suite, Exodus, Yoroi, AdaLite, MyEtherWallet, SimpleStaking, MyCrypto, and other wallets. The model has a touch screen and is easy to use and configure.


SafePal is one of the most user-friendly hardware wallets available today. It uses various protection mechanisms such as seed phrase, two-factor authentication, pin code, key deletion pool, etc. This provides high security in storing more than 10,000 crypto coins, including MATIC. The device is equipped with a large screen, so asset management is very convenient.


It is a hardware wallet with a large OLED display that supports many popular cryptocurrencies. With this device, you can not only send and receive coins but also exchange them within the application itself using the ShapeShift service. This is one of the KeepKey wallet’s main features that users like.


The CoolWallet hardware wallet is very original in design. It looks like a plastic card and has an e-ink display. The device is controlled by connecting to a mobile device via Bluetooth. Charging is carried out using a special docking station. The advantage of CoolWallet is that it supports all major cryptocurrencies and protocols, such as DeFi, NFT, DApps, airdrops, etc.

Final Remarks

Hardware wallets are considered the most secure of all crypto wallets. This is because the access key is generated locally and is not transmitted over the Internet. Try one of the wallets described in this article and keep your MATIC coins safe!

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