Why is a virtual phone number so convenient?

In this time of internet development, to register on almost any online resource, be it a social network or dating app, you will need to specify your mobile to receive an SMS confirmation code. In practice, this stops many algorithms and malware being used for spam and botfishing. But only for ordinary users who don’t want to use their personal phone to register on various sites so as not to expose themselves to any risks from scammers and spammers.

What is a virtual number and why is it used?

Virtual phone number for SMS is a relatively new service, which gives an opportunity to get a mobile number for a short period of time for receiving text messages. The main difference of virtual number from traditional numbers is that it works via Internet and has no strict binding to mobile phone or to a particular region.

This means that such mobile numbers can be accessed and used from any device with internet access: smartphones, tablets, laptops or computers. Because of the lack of geographic reference to your current location you can get a Virtual Mobile Number from any country.

Who needs Virtual Phone Number service and what they are connected for:

Registration in social networks and different platforms as well as for online-shopping. A safe way to create multiple accounts or shop online. With a virtual number there is less risk of spam and fraud.
Ability to get music, movies or games for free. Most sites offer a free trial of content for the first month. With a virtual number you can legally renew your free subscription every month.
Ability to remain anonymous. Unlike with SIM card you don’t have to provide passport or any other personal information to get a virtual mobile number. That’s why virtual telephony service is a good solution for anonymity.
Bypass regional restrictions. Many applications, e-wallets or crypto-exchanges have some regional restrictions for registration. In such situations, it is possible to obtain a virtual phone number from the appropriate region and register.
Business. You can work from any area of the country. This is relevant for companies with offices in several regions.

What are the advantages of virtual mobile phone numbers?

The main advantage of purchasing virtual SMS numbers is a significant time saving. The Internet user does not need to purchase a SIM card and activate it as well. It is also not necessary to buy a separate device for the chip, or to regularly swap them in the same smartphone.

Another important plus of the service is that the rental process will be many times cheaper in cost than paying for regular mobile phone traffic.

In addition, virtual numbers are protected against virus attacks and operate uninterruptedly. You can receive the text message you need even when you are in areas that do not have standard coverage.

How to get a Virtual Mobile Number for SMS using SMS-man

Let’s go through the steps of obtaining a virtual phone number for SMS verification using the SMS-man platform. Detailed instruction will be available below:

1. First, you need to create an account on the SMS-man platform and verify your account by following the link in the email sent to you.

2. In the side menu, go to the “top up” page and deposit by any convenient method of payment.

3. Go back to the main page of the platform, to choose the country of mobile operator for our virtual phone number.

4. Then choose the service, which requires confirmation of mobile number. If the service you want is not on the list – press “show all services”.

5. After this you only have to make one click on “Buy” button next to selected service.

6. The system will automatically select your phone number and add it to your personal account. From there you can copy it and use it for registration.

7. When you need to accept the activation code, go back to your personal cabinet on the SMS-man website and click on “Get SMS”

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