Best casino sites in India

Choosing an online casino for newcomers can be a real challenge. To win and withdraw their winnings, players need to know what bonuses they can get at online casinos and what conditions they have to meet to do so.

Types of welcome bonuses at Indian casinos

All newcomers to casino sites in India have an advantage over regular players. It lies in the welcome bonuses, which are awarded only to users whose personal account was activated less than 30 days ago.

Operators are adding several types of welcome bonuses:

· Registration bonus. Credited to everyone, without exception. Refers to the number of free bonuses. To get it, you only need to activate registration in the system. That is, after creating an account, you must follow the link in the email and enter the code from the SMS. Nothing else is required: the bonus in the form of a deposit bonus or free spins will be credited to a special account.

· First deposit bonus. This is a bonus for 1,2,3 and subsequent deposits, made within 30 days after registration.

· From Sponsors. They usually offer those who are familiar with a particular slot or app free spins, a boost to your deposit, or other perks.

· First-time tournament/lottery participation bonus. Credited to everyone who participates in such entertainment for the first time. To participate in tournaments, sometimes you have to meet a condition. For example, to deposit at least $1000 into an account and/or to bet a certain amount of money within 30 days of creating an account. Either a loss in a certain amount or a bet with any outcome, but without withdrawal is taken into account.

· Free bets. If the casino has a betting line, after the first losing bets the office may offer a free express or partial refund if you wager a certain amount.

Welcome bonuses allow the player to get a certain amount deposited immediately to play without costs. In addition, free spins are awarded. Spins can be spent on selected slots. Their list usually varies, depending on the sponsors’ offers and the “slot machine” of the week.

The downside of welcome bonuses is that you can only get them within 30 days of registration. If the period expires, then the user loses access to the entire newbie bonus program.

When choosing the best casino, you should be guided by what bonuses are given to new users and what extent. Some casinos offer a boost to your deposit when you deposit 5 or more times in a month, others multiply only 1-3 bets. The chance of winning depends on this, as it is easier and cheaper to win in a club with maximum bonuses.

What casino operators give out in promo codes

A promotional code is sometimes required to receive casino bonuses. It is a combination of symbols that, when entered, can be used to obtain benefits from a gambling club. The issuance of promotional codes allows you to:

· get a boost on your deposit;

· earn free spins in selected slots;

· activate a gift from the casino.

The peculiarity of promo codes – they come in open and closed. The former are available everywhere. To activate them, simply enter the code that is in the advertisement. Such promos are still sent to newcomers who have recently created their accounts.

Closed promotional codes are only given to individual players. They are given out, for example, on their birthday or when they win in the applications of the gambling club. To get a closed promotional code is sometimes necessary to write to the administration of the casino. Because not all codes are sent immediately after fulfilling the conditions. It is necessary to choose a way of communication:

· via email;

· in the round-the-clock chat room;

· in a group of social networks.

A promo code is notable for its urgency. After a certain period, it is no longer possible to use the code, even if it has been closed. Therefore, those who received a promo code, need to clarify the period of validity with the admins of the casino or immediately comply with the conditions for their activation.

In the best casinos, a promo code is issued and activated without any problems. But if there are difficulties, you need to check:

· correctness of data entry;

· whether all the conditions for activating a promo code have been met;

· the period of validity of the combination.

Sometimes after applying a promo code, the player notices that nothing has happened. In this case, it is necessary to wait for approximately one day. Within 24 hours, all the conditions for awarding free spins or increasing the deposit should work. In exceptional cases, it is also required to contact the administration of the online casino to correct the problem.

What a player should look out for when analyzing the slots showcase

When choosing the best casino, players usually focus on the slots that the gambling club offers them. They are located in the slots showcase. There are several things to pay attention to when analyzing the slots showcase:

· The number of slot machines. The best casinos will have several hundred slots. That’s because licensed clubs prefer to cooperate with proven gambling manufacturers. If the casino was formed less than a year ago, the number of slots may be less than 100, but to talk about a small selection, in this case, is not worth it. After 1-2 years, the club, if it will be interesting to the players, probably will have new partners.

· Appearance. Slots from official gambling suppliers look attractive. They are bright, and colourful, with elaborate graphics. If there are defects in design style (drawing “floats”, window sizes differ), surely this machine is a fake copy.

· Availability of a demo version. Official slot machines have a free version of the game. It allows you to study the interface, the payoff, and the quality of the game. At the same time, a beginner will not risk their finances. Therefore, for anyone who is just choosing an online casino, it is better to choose slot machines with a demo version.

What slots are on the list of popular ones? These are “warmed-up” slots that are in demand among users. The upside of playing in such slots is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to win soon. Newcomers should take a closer look at just such applications, as in “hot” slots you can make just a couple of bets to break the loot.

Slots search terms. This criterion is more about the ease of use of the online casino. The more machines in the list, the faster should be organized search for the right machine. The search bar is used for this, as well as the slot’s allocation to sections.

A beginner should look at the slots in the Top slots list. Such slots offer the best conditions because you can play them and win. Focus when assessing the chances of winning should be on the level of RTP. Licensed slots have an RTP of no less than 94%.

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