What should be a reliable betting office – checklist

Betting is a great way to make a stable income. Millions of people around the world try to increase their capital every day by placing bets. The most popular are sports PinUp betting. There are many bookmakers in the network that promise reliability and stability. Is it so? How to determine the most profitable office for cooperation? There are several ways. Let’s take a look at them in this article. A reliable office always values its reputation. It operates solely in accordance with internal policy.

Features of rate calculation

The calculation must be made in accordance with the bookmaker’s sources. If there is no such information on the official website, you need to look for data on the website of the competition organizers. You can also use broadcasts.

Is it possible to return winning bets?

Reliable bookmakers offer refunds in such cases:

  • A bet is placed on an event that has already happened and the outcome is known.
  • In the event that the name of the team or the name of the athlete is confused.
  • The bet was placed on the pre-match line.
  • The rules of the event have changed.

Refunds can be made within three days after the event has ended. Each case is considered individually. Some bookmakers can refund absolutely all bets that were made using incorrect odds.

What affects the reliability coefficient of a bookmaker?

From what requirements the office exposes users affects the reliability coefficient of the company as a whole. The bookmaker’s rating also depends on the reliability coefficient. What actions do not very reliable bookmakers perform:

  • Limiting the maximum bet size. This is critical for users who have a turnover requirement applied.
  • Margin increase.
  • Blocking the user’s balance with subsequent confiscation of winnings.

When is it appropriate to impose sanctions?

  1. When the user deliberately refuses to go through the verification procedure.
  2. When a player submits fake documents as proof of identity.
  3. When a player insists on confirming verification when sending fake documents.
  4. In case of any fraudulent activity.
  5. Attempt to create multiple accounts. This fact must be proven. As an example, it can be used: player recognition, payment method match, IP address match.
  6. Complete confiscation of bonuses. This paragraph takes effect if the bonus was sent in error. If a violation of the rules is determined. In this case, even winnings received thanks to the bonus are possible.

Is account verification required?

After successful registration at any bookmaker, the user must pass verification. In other words, he must confirm his identity by sending the relevant documents to the BC employees. Only after confirming the identity, the user becomes a full member of the Bookmaker and can place bets.


A reliable bookmaker always focuses on the client. She values ​​her reputation very much, therefore she is responsible for the proper preservation of the personal data of the account owner. Reliable bookmakers are at the top of the world. They have a huge number of reviews that you can study in advance. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation and not get any problems with accessing your account, experts recommend studying in detail the features of the office before registering. The official website perfectly represents the company, so you need to start with it.


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